November holiday is approaching,http://onigdesign.com/error.html, many Hong Kong women northward blind date. Shenzhen and Hong Kong in many dating marriage agency will be held in single men and women have been enrolled in the Hong Kong women are almost twice that, a lot of them are "highly educated, high income, high positions," the "three high" Women . And they account for the man's occupation,woolrich prezzi, whether there is room car is not high,woolrich milano, more emphasis on personality and character.

According to the Hong Kong side by the end of July of this year, statistics show that last year there were 3948 men married women in Hong Kong and the Mainland, an upward trend, which men marry mainland women in Hong Kong declined opposite. Some experts believe that Hong Kong men and women do not want to find Hong Kong, the biggest reason is that men do not make progress in Hong Kong. The Port of Hong Kong men are reluctant to find a girl, because they dislike vanity and sense of dependence. In this trend, Hong Kong women, Hong Kong men who have set their sights on the mainland.

Diamond Harbour female cross-border Xunfu

Ms. Lin is a 32 year old native of Hong Kong, who worked as a model,tn pas cher, she not only looks outstanding stature and capable than gold. She graduated from the University of Melbourne financial professionals, is currently doing a finance company in Shenzhen executives, salary 600,000 yuan, will have its own property in Hong Kong.

Ms. Lin has been pursuing those clouds,woolrich outlet, many Hong Kong men believe their unattainable, but she has not yet been talk of marriage. Eventually she will Hydrangea thrown in the deep work of Shanghai-born men,woolrich parka, Mr. Wu, the two planned to get married at the end of this year. Ms. Lin and Mr. Wu is a familiar one to two to gradually working relationship,moncler outlet, each incoming call.

Mr. Wu also returnees,http://www.magiyy.com:30006/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=3493256, the two stood together quite a good fit,http://www.0592wap.com/thread-111589-1-1.html, although its nearly 40 million annual salary, but there are still gaps compared with Ms. Lin. What is the reason ultimately win the beauty go? "He cooked cook, the original intent to help me share the housework." Ms. Lin said, "Mr. extremely considerate, unlike Hong Kong man so macho."

Initially Ms. Lin's parents to compare this feeling of doubt, Mr. Wu, with action to change their views. Ms. Lin told reporters, willing to give up in order to love living environment, completely into Shenzhen. Two have been going to buy a house near the mark to Miss Fang Bianlin back home to visit relatives.

Ms. Lin did not think the "three high" Women marry, but the conditions have been good,http://www.lvluo.org/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=219020&extra=, do not want their grievances, "Marriage is marriage, we must carefully consider the job."

"Many girls within our company, in terms of appearance or qualifications are extremely good, but I could not find suitable for their other half." She said, "Hong Kong is now men also prefer northward wife, and therefore also reduces local resources in Hong Kong , round, Hong Kong women also can go north 'Xunfu'. "

Reporters learned that Hong Kong women upstream, have been thrown to the mainland will Hydrangea. Hong Kong Census and Statistics Department statistics show recent report, the number of women in Hong Kong and the mainland married men from the 28,145 cases in 2006 dropped to 19,003 cases last year, but on the contrary,moncler piumini, there are 3948 men married women in Hong Kong and the mainland last year, showing an upward trend. And because the economy developed, geographically close to Hong Kong,http://learningnetwork.childrensfoodtrust.org.uk/login/index.php?item/create_form/1, Shenzhen and Hong Kong has become the first choice for the female settlers.

"Before the age gap between the two sides are relatively large, to seek her husband's deep divorced women generally, or older than 40 years old", Luohu District marriage registration office director Li Huan Yuan told reporters, "but over the past two years, many unmarried The Hong Kong women have married in Shenzhen,piumini moncler, their conditions are good in itself. "

Shenzhen Luohu District marriage registration office statistics show that in 2000 registered 56 pairs matrimonial, the Hong Kong women, only 6 people,moncler milano, and the first half of 2007 15 pairs matrimonial, the Hong Kong women have 13 people. Huan Yuan said, "This year, the Hong Kong women married in Shenzhen is particularly evident." He believes that old age is not a great age, but after a Hong Kong women of marriageable age. Many young "three high" Hong Kong women through friends, colleagues and other circles to find their other half.

People to go northward heat spawned marriage matchmaking single frequency networking Shenzhen Office

In recent years, Hong Kong has become a female northward Xunfu noteworthy phenomenon by sporadic cases. Reporters yesterday to get a date from the Hong Kong Census and Statistics Department completed "Women and Men in Hong Kong Key Statistics (2009 Edition)." The report shows that in the case of Hong Kong, the number of men and women marry downward trend Mainland, Hong Kong and the Mainland men marry women but increased the number.

According to the report, in 2006 the number of women in Hong Kong and the Mainland men married to 28,145 cases,air jordan pas cher, while in 2008 dropped to 19,003 cases. However, the number of Hong Kong women Throwing Mainland men give it more and more. According to the Hong Kong Census and Statistics Department statistics, there are 3,948 men married women in Hong Kong and the Mainland last year, showing an upward trend.

Shenzhen lot of dating can directly feel the change in recent years. Manager of Shenzhen Shenzhen matchmaking Phoenix Liu said, will be held in Shenzhen and Hong Kong the day eleven singles dating event, so far, about 60 people participated in the implementation, of which about two to become Hong Kong women. She said: "In past years registered by Shenzhen Hong Kong women dating up to 100 people,http://www.baozangmap.com/chujingyou/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=3811713, began to significant growth in the second half of last year, this year is even more obvious, only in August has soared to 500 people, most of them as 'three high' female, which in Shenzhen or Dongguan, more than 20% "owned factories.

Reporters learned that the current membership registered in Hong Kong, "three high" women, mostly private entrepreneurs, teachers and fashion designers, architects, lawyers and other professions, aged mostly between 30 to 50 years old. Liu said that the age groups in Hong Kong only to relax the age condition to find "a lot older" men, and in the mainland can find "considerable age", a small old does not matter.

"They generally believe that China now has many educated, good character and all aspects of the comprehensive quality are good single men, to the mainland to find even that can broaden their choices." Reporters learned that this type of business woman and very devoted require the other party also has its own cause, without a day together for a week, see generally two or three times. They generally value the man's character, qualifications and professional competence, and economic requirements followed. These young women are willing to the other is the Pearl River Delta and Guangdong nationals,http://bbs.kameng.com/home.php?mod=space&uid=256174,hogan scrape, while the older select broader,http://xn--360-uw4gk83k.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=53239, the country can be.

Liu pointed out that the mainland from Hong Kong suppliers of such men women also favor for me. "Hong Kong investment in the mainland has some benefits, some mainland men would consider this point."

In addition to matchmaking, more and more Hong Kong women using the Internet to understand the other half. Mainland women in Hong Kong to do research well-known dating site Jiayuan registered the station found that since 2006, Hong Kong women registered to a rate of 100 people per day,woolrich uomo, there are about more than 20,000 members, the South China region each year are three to four times There are women in Hong Kong to participate in recreational activities.

"There is a National Day held at the Shenzhen railway station. Currently there are 700 people registered, of which women accounted for 18% of Hong Kong." Jiayuan South China region media manager Miss Tang told reporters.

Hong Kong female mate choice

Five criteria

◆ considerable age

◆ educated

◆ good character

◆ professional ability

◆ have their own careers

Text / Bao Wenjuan, Gong Yi Fei Yang Lai map / Luo Changwei