The day before yesterday afternoon, two Dongguan woman to the newspaper for help, saying that was a Cameroonian man Kris "cheated." They said the man claiming to be unmarried, while the two fall in love with them and have sex. In addition, this more than in Dongguan to teach English language training institutions during the men still in contact several times to ask for money for various purposes. June 13, the two see each other after the joint face, then began a multi-party rights of way. But faced with a reporter, the man insisted that he is indeed the parties are single, there is no subjective intent to deceive the two women. The man was either a full-time school, said, once verified will be immediately dismissed.

Shortly love to borrow money for various reasons

Zhang (not his real name), 26 years old, Shaanxi people, working in South City a well-known communications equipment company.

Lume (a pseudonym), 28 years old, Hubei, currently unemployed in Wando, Midland International English training institutions for students. Prior to June 13,outlet moncler, they both had strangers.

One day last October, Zhang and worked part-time teacher training institutions Pattison's K ris in car ride with a bus understanding, then, K ris kept calling to Zhang,http://www.lvbody.com/site/?action-viewcomment-itemid-151, saying that because they have a good impression, I hope two People can become lovers.

Lume acquainted with the kris,spaccio moncler, it is the classroom in early December last year, Midland International English training institutions. K ris repeatedly inviting them to play at home, and asked her to do his own girlfriend.

For his personal life, K ris is given for two of the same argument: 32 years old, Anglo-French dual citizenship, his mother died early, life is very sad, only two sisters. In addition, Kris also said that he was a good man, a very good cook and clean the room.

Last November, Zhang finally could not help K ris turns offensive, agreed to become his girlfriend, and then with their cohabitation. In January 23, 2009, Lume also made the same choice. Later, the two did not know by memories, Zhang just leave back home the same day the New Year.

Subsequently,moncler sito ufficiale, the two pairs of lovers they entered the sweet period in different scenarios. However, Kris in love process, frequently for various reasons to borrow money from the two men. In Zhang body, K ris has no money to pay the rent and go to Macau tolls insufficient grounds, borrowed 500 and 600 yuan. After repeatedly demanding money, Zhang seemed reluctant, Kris also restraint. But foreigners began the habit of checking boyfriend girlfriend's purse. "He saw the bag with 500 yuan Take the 250, there are 200 yuan Take 100, in short, will not all get finished." Zhang said the money is there are numerous reasons for Kris.

Zhang once the most depressing is that in March this year during her illness, Kris took her cell phone. A month later, the company notified its telephone costs up to 2,900 yuan, and its be criticized. In Lume body, Kris also frequently checking her purse, demanding money habits are the same as in Zhang there. "There is a way to make money, I can not stand," Lume told reporters, "K ris finished with me on the bed, and then borrow 1,000 yuan." Lume said, "What I say is this, is it the right deal ? kris that is to do business, really need the money, and finally I shirk, gave him 300 yuan. "

After K ris and Zhang formalize a relationship, the two began living together. After he and Lume would love to avoid a collision meet the time, he "did not want the school to find his outer substitute" on the grounds,woolrich donna, about the student and his girlfriend Lume in the day to the house. And often when Zhang is the company to work.

Found her boyfriend cheating on rights to multiple parties

June 13, in the best of both worlds when K ris, Zhang Internet at home, inadvertently opened the K ris set to automatically log yahoom essager. Suddenly a dialog window to jump out,http://www.miaoall.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=1388648&fromuid=14657, saying,http://www.gansuche.cn/bbs/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=9458, "After consideration and Kris decided to break up." Zhang was shocked, after two attempts to chat up, just opened a secret that foreign teachers.

After some joints, Zhang played a mind, one day while not at home when Kris, pulls out his passport, found his real name for Glyis, and a number of other passports and information to prove, a Cameroonian woman named Bertha is his wife. Yesterday afternoon, the reporter from the Guangzhou Municipal Detention Center confirmed that the woman is currently due to overstaying,http://onigdesign.com/error.html, has been detained in the detention center for over a month.

June 13, after each other's presence on Zhang and Lume found together in front of Kris. Kris first stunned,parka woolrich, then angry. They require K ris explanation is given, K ris has said it hopes to explain each person individually, after Zhang met with Lume, found his explanation of each set per person.

At the same time, Zhang said she has been through the mail phone number to Bertha call. Bertha got into a fight on the phone, and scolded Zhang, "You robbed me of my husband." Kris best of both worlds approach thus was exposed, yesterday to reporters, he said,piumino moncler, "I just made a mistake."

After the discovery deceived, Zhang and Lume began rights of way. June 24, they both went to Guangdong Province Women's Rights and information service station Dongguan Railway Station,http://www.t9pingtai.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=3408350&extra=, the answer is "proposal to the local public security organs." The same day, they came to South City Koson police station. July 2,http://tw-ee.com/bbs/read.php?tid=3624359, Zhang and Lume was told that the police because of too little amount of money involved, the borrower only 1,000 yuan per person is not filed, police can arrange tripartite consultations.

"Is small amount,http://www.isofans.com/home.php?mod=spacecp&ac=blog&blogid=, we can not uphold the rights of deception after it?" The day before yesterday afternoon, Zhang and Lume face reporters puzzled. They said, has contacted two other cheated woman, but because of fear of the other side effects of fame, refused to come out.

■ parties to respond

"Girlfriend was thrown hoax forced to say"

Yesterday 17:50 or so, the reporter linked to Kris, under questioning by reporters, he admitted his identity,moncler uomo, but denied married. For Zhang said the scam, Kris looked helpless. "It's all she wanted to give me create pressure,moncler uomo, so I decided to marry her." Meanwhile, Kris admitted that Zhang's family had opposed the two exchanges, and arranged a blind man with Zhang, "I feel very frustrated."

Kris said, it is during this period, his relationship with Zhang's temporary estrangement, another girl to fill the emptiness of his life. "She and I recognize that in March and April this year, after which we will soon determine the relationship between male and female friends." This "Another girl" is the Lume. However, this argument with Lume and Zhang have access.

Kris why two women frequently to obtain money it? In this regard, he explained that they had not recall the specific reasons, probably to some toll money. "She got into a fight with me now,moncler sito ufficiale, be sure it is the money to go back." Faced with reporters,http://learningnetwork.childrensfoodtrust.org.uk/login/index.php?item/create_form/1,woolrich uomo, Kris represents money owed back to two. Then, call the reporter Zhang said, K ris want to pay back the money to her, "If you are not in his capacity as a reporter to interview him, I think his death will not pay back the money."

■ school argument

Hongyuan Foreign Language School:

As verified will be immediately expelled

Hongyuan Foreign Language School,mulberry outlet, Ding Lisheng interview with reporters yesterday, said, has indeed confirmed that K ris school English teachers to teach foreign language school Tigers have one year employment permit, "all kinds of documents are complete," "teaching Yes, it is pure American English, on the campus have not found K ris an indecent act. "

For an indecent act K ris occur in off-campus part-time teaching, Ding Lisheng called clear-cut stand, critics, also said, "The school does not allow in-service teachers in the school part-time, K ris has seriously violated the rules of the school," adding Once verified,moncler milano, will be immediately expelled from the K ris. According to Ding Lisheng presentation, one-year contract and K ris of the school is full, and he has just signed a new contract, "not teaching morality then outstanding will be expelled."

Topics written: He queer City reporter Wang Jiazhuo

Thematic Photography: He Yi Kai Town Correspondent