Guangxi News Network - southern Guilin Morning News (Reporter correspondent Dengzhen Fu Zhou Yu Cheng) nudged ATMs will constantly spit notes, this pie in the sky thing, Guilin very fact that people on May 30 they encountered a back. But the face of this windfall, the very fact that not tempted,air jordan femme,, immediately call 110 and shown with the money handed over to the police.

May 30 afternoon, Ms. Zhang went to Guilin Zhongshan Road Construction Bank bagui building under intend to withdraw money at Automatic Teller Machine, who knows the bank card not inserted into the machine, automatic teller machine will continue to Spit money. She will spit out money to a number, a total of 500 yuan. After a few minutes, this automatic teller machine has spit out 400 yuan.

In this regard,woolrich donna, the very fact that I feel very surprised. According to her memories of what happened at around 2 in the afternoon, when she was just inserted into the card by the automatic teller machine, I saw on the screen suddenly jumped out a line prompt: "'re out of money,, please wait" and then ,moncler piumini, take notes I really spit sum of money. Head fog,, she felt strange, just next to a man talk about the matter, may be the man for what she said disapprovingly. "Maybe he thought I was a liar,,piumini moncler, this pie in the sky thing who would believe it?" Ms. Zhang said, took the money,,piumino moncler, she remembered the media had reported similar things, sometimes I do not know how to do ,moncler outlet, they call 110 the police. 110 police waiting for the arrival of the time, a man came to the automatic teller machine to take the money. Later, she found that the name of the customer left,, the automatic teller machine has spit out 400 yuan. She approached removed,, and actively with the person next witness innocence that she had reported 110 police will soon come.

It is understood that after 110 police arrived on the scene,peuterey prezzi, the very fact that the police immediately handed the money in the hands, and tell what had happened. Police and Construction Bank hotline made contact. After the bank's staff investigation reports,peuterey uomo, the day had received a complaint letter depositors,moncler piumini, said at the automatic teller machine deposit of 900 yuan,woolrich sito ufficiale, but later audit, but found no money on arrival. Bank staff estimates that the depositors have not successfully deposited the money in the automatic teller machine,woolrich parka, then spit out money, happens to be the very fact that encounter. June 2 morning, the bank staff came to Guilin Public Security Bureau 110 duty room,tiffany outlet on line, issued after the letter of introduction,, will receive 900 dollars back, and said that the money will be handed over to the real owner.