18-year-old youth lazy Zhang, imitating television and case book, cajole and grew up with his own 12-year-old neighbor Gang costarring kidnapping to extort 100,,peuterey sito ufficiale,,000 Gang home. "Performance" In the beginning, Zhang afraid Succeed neighbor points to 50,peuterey outlet milano,000 teenagers would rather be brutally murdered. Recently, the case successfully solved.

Mysterious Caller redeem take 100,000 people

One evening in February of this year,, Pingshan Town Mahayana villagers Zhao uncle just call it a day to go home, they received a mysterious phone call, a husky middle-aged male came: "Yes Gang home it was I kidnapped him,moncler piumini, limit you? ready in two days 100,peuterey uomo,000 yuan ransom. allowed alarm,woolrich prezzi, the alarm if I know you, then you wait to remove it now! "Listen Zhao uncle talking about the mysterious phone, think things are strange homeroom teacher Lee dialed 110.

Account for more than 20 kinds of early morning arrest case

"Afternoon after school, I saw Zhang Zhao Gang and his neighbors together." The next day,moncler uomo,, the students provide clues Gang investigation of the case work to make a breakthrough was made.

Zhang police will be settled in the vicinity of the location of the lock Chengdu North Railway Station, and the night went to Chengdu. Under the strong support of the police in Chengdu,, February 22 morning, in Chengdu, a hostel sleeping Zhang was arrested by the police. Can the police did not find Gang, after 6 trial,louboutin femme, the whereabouts of Zhang Zhao Gang has concocted more than 20 kinds of lies.

7th trial finally tell the truth

The seventh trial,, Zhang finally revealed the facts of the case. In recent years, the Gang of parents who work and earn some money. Zhang began to plan to make money by kidnapping.

February 20 at 5 pm,outlet moncler, Zhang Gang trick with his acting: "We'll pretend you were kidnapped,, fraudulently obtained money to us equally,piumini moncler, then to Chengdu playing." Gang agreed. 7:00 pm, Zhang Gang brought the Mahayana town a secret cave,piumini moncler, Zhang told Zhao Gang, like TV where my kidnapping or do like points. Younger Gang Zhang obediently being tied up with shoelaces,,louboutin femme, at the mobile phone anxiously shouted:. "Mom and Dad,peuterey sito ufficiale, I was kidnapped, come and save me," Carter, was Zhang Gang from behind Le stayed neck ...... 21:30, Zhang called the Gang home phone, to be treated with the sounds and Zhao family conversation while playing a recording Gang period before his death. (Department of text characters are not his real name)

Peng screen Post reporter Guan Yi Xia Deng Xiaowan