Students admitted to a graduate student in Liaoning, Jilin Medical College admission status was canceled after the school said university student said the school did not make payments on time and did not say there is this requirement in advance

Jinzhou Morning News (Reporter You Hongtao) because no advance payment of 1500 yuan of learning materials and accommodation,spaccio peuterey, it was canceled graduate school admission status.

Students come Jilin Li Jie has not thoroughly understand, this is why?

Admission disqualification

"To Jinzhou nearly two weeks,,air max tn pas cher, but because the 1500 yuan I can not read graduate." Saw the reporter, 26-year-old Li Jie introduced himself Jilin people, this year he applied for a graduate student in Jinzhou City,, Liaoning Medical College,hogan scarpe outlet, The results exceeded admission scores 69 points.

Early March,, Li Jie received notification of Liaoning Medical retest and passed the retest.

April 27,moncler outlet, he saw in medical school enrollment online Liaoning admitted that he was the first batch of the batch admitted only one person.

According to regulations,,woolrich giubbotti, June 17 will be issued admission notice can be until early July, Li Jie have not received the admission notice,soldes air jordan,, call the school to know that his admission status has been canceled,sito ufficiale moncler, the vacant places have passed up swap recorded.

Li Jie said: "the school said in May gave me a call, I have to give up their admission confirmed but I have never received the school's phone.."

Because did not pay 1500 yuan

July 10, Li Jie require school inspections. July 13, the school gives another argument: April 30 because he did not pay 1500 yuan of accommodation and course materials are ineligible for admission.

Reporters saw a notice on the website of Liaoning Medical University, graduate school in the third installment to be admitted in the notice states: "Candidates have to be admitted for enrollment ahead of schedule, you need to pay 300 yuan to take textbooks second year accommodation 1200 yuan, 1500 yuan in total ...... please be sure to all the candidates on May 15, 2009, will have to pay the money to import my school account. "

Li Jie said,woolrich parka, the school admitted to the provisions of the first batch of payment time for April 30.

Li Jie said that at the time saw this notice, since no local schools in Jilin Bank of Jinzhou Bank, for which he gave to call the school, the school said could deferment.

Li Jie said that the school did not specify in the notice and failure to pay accommodation and book fees will be canceled their admission, he notes that there are violations.

School: pay the equivalent of confirmation

Yesterday, he served as director of admissions of Liaoning Medical Lai said: "The school enrolled more than 600 students this year, according to regulations, the information is available online, we can not confirm that a call to each student,,requin nike pas cher,, which indeed negligent." She believes that Li Jie is no time to contact them, the main fault in Li Jie and Li Jie had been denied contact them deferment thing.

Li Ren said the school was not identified released a list of candidates to pay 1500 yuan is equivalent to a confirmation process,chaussures jordan pas cher, there are some candidates because finding a job or other reasons did not pay, the school deemed a waiver of postgraduate qualifications.

Li Jie, taking into account the current school, you can recruit him as a repeat student,hogan scarpe, then participate in postgraduate examinations next year, you can achieve admission to graduate school in the school.

But Li Jie refused, he believes he was admitted to the graduate students, should not be such a result,,mulberry outlet, he was ready to legal means to recover their postgraduate qualification.