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We have to let people seek care

Shenzhen Special Zone Daily correspondent Wenghui Juan Zhou Yuanchun Qin Xiaoyan

In recent days,parajumpers norge, NPC, Gaozhou Hospital Zhong Huanqing become a hot figure on the two sessions. In a group discussion on the 7th Guangdong delegation in the morning, Zhong Huanqing After looking at health care reform bill, Gaozhou hospital practice, causing the CPC Central Committee, the Guangdong Provincial Party Secretary Wang Yang's keen interest, he said: "You not only have good management good mechanism also carried out ideological education, so that medical workers conscientious,http://www.rockclimbing.com/cgi-bin/gear/search.cgi, professional ethics! "on the 11th morning, Zhong Huanqing interviewed by the press.

Mountainous heart surgery hospital in 1081 cases

In Gaozhou Hospital,jordan femme pas cher, to be a heart surgery, hospitalization more than 100 talented with more than 30,scarpe hogan scontate online,000 yuan, while the mountainous county hospitals doing heart surgery in 2009 as high as 1081 cases, ranked the top ten. Zhong Huanqing referral "Gaozhou model", not only for social domestic media attention, but also aroused the curiosity of the Associated Press. This morning,http://rmnx.com/docs/index.php?title=User:Ud79l8uo39#hpeS379ehr, at the Capital Hotel Zhong Huanqing accepted a joint interview with the newspaper and the Associated Press.

"We want people to think highly of the disease,louboutin france," Zhong Huanqing,scarpe online hogan, the hospital's strict drug online procurement,nike requin,http://coalition.movementcamp.org/circle/green-tribe-shout#comment-25824764, before each purchase, by three people from the hospital experts Curry randomly selected 30 experts,http://zazna.com/selection/index.php?item/create_form/1,basket nike air max femme, and then quickly handed the phone to let these experts After the composition of the procurement team within one hour on the need to purchase medicines tick, immediately after the dissolution of the procurement team, which doctors cut ties with the pharmaceutical drug manufacturers chain. In addition,http://www.postyourbeaver.com, Gaozhou Hospital, imported drugs accounted for only 4.5%, less than 40 yuan injection accounted for 83% of the total, "Our requirement is to use simple without complex,http://ebookspratiques.com/search.cgi, can be cheaper without expensive, can be used domestically is not imported. "

Refuse patients were scratched red wrist

The price is lower, but the service is better. Gaozhou Hospital medical staff organization in batches to the White Swan Hotel and China Southern Airlines to learn the five-star service concept, so learning to let everyone have a fundamental change in attitude, good service at the same time, the hospital Dr. Yan Jin received a red envelope, have a strict inspection system,http://286dj.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=426740, the hospital established a direct responsibility for the supervision of his team, all health care workers in general should have supervision once, effectively put an end to the phenomenon of each month receive a red envelope, "I often tell them, Gaozhou local income level is not high, many patients are selling cattle to sell pigs have money to see a doctor,scarpe hogan outlet, if took a red, eat dinner, equivalent to the patient's home to eat a cow and a pig up. " He stretched out his right hand, let us look at a scar on his wrist, "Once a patient to give me a red envelope, I insist not, sometime between his nails to have pierced my wrist."

Experts live 150-200 meters expert building

The price is lower, but the technology is better. "Our hospitals, doctors backbone average age was 38 years old, very young it," Zhong Huanqing hospital for personnel was very proud, "In our hospital, there are things people want the opportunity to do things that people have the stage, do into the things people standing. "Zhong Huanqing, the hospital not only invited annually from major hospitals in Beijing, Shanghai and other places of experts to the hospital mentoring, as well as 3 million earmarked to provide free education opportunities for health care workers every year, just every hospital specialists month to pay a small fee each expert will be able to stay 150-200 square meters of floor, but their income is about the same with the PRD.

Enjoy high health care treatment, they have to undergo rigorous hospital management system. Zhong Huanqing holding a pencil on paper gesture, "Our hospital has a medical staff of five black spots Management Act committed the first error,http://www.edit.ne.jp/~aino/custombbs.cgi/, education, remember a black spot;. Make a second mistake, you throw 100 yuan, the classes,moncler parka, remember two black points; third,outlet moncler online, 200 yuan on penalties, demotion; fourth, slow recruits; fifth,chaussures nike tn, five black spots on the dismissal of leave, "he added, which refers to small. errors, some big mistakes that once would have dismissed, there is a clinic doctor let a drunk person individually to the headquarters to see the doctor, in violation of the "first patient responsibility",requin tn pas cher, was immediately fired.

(Shenzhen Special Zone Daily Beijing March 11 electricity)