With the "new mom" Engagement ...... after 9-year-old daughter, foster dad Hotels

Father says daughter reading because not afford before choosing foster care, the police has funded girls back to school

A month ago, because of my father's income could not support her school, but also worried about the "new mother" at home does not recognize her 9-year-old snow was my father sent QIONGLAI Huilong stay alone in a hotel. In ten days 'solitary' time, sensible diligent snow, by the neighbors alike.

Today,http://www.44diy.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=254793, with the help of the police, although the return to school to continue studying snow, but half of the encounter, no doubt to leave the shadow of her heart. WCC General Hospital of Chengdu Military Region, go to counselors, as snow had psychological counseling, "Surface cheerful her heart actually leave scars. I hope she regained part of her carefree."

Was sent Hotel,http://www.cnnetech.com/home.php?mod=spacecp&ac=blog&blogid=? People hurt

Dad's mother died at age 4 and then engaged her shout "uncle"

9-year-old snow (a pseudonym) is Suining people, to Chengdu in 2008 to work with the parents, the family settled in the town of Pi An Jing. 2009, parents start up the goods business. That summer,moncler in offerta, a rainy night of indignity, and instantly shattered the family. Lo and his wife drove to the time of delivery, in the south-speed, love to go to the rear of the car with water. Roared from behind a truck hit a small truck, she was caught in the middle, died on the spot, "the doll was still less than 4 years old, I lied to her mother a journey. She seemed to look to understand, crying all coax coax less . "

Always day as usual. Two years ago, Lo became acquainted with Ms. Cao two years younger than him, the two sides quickly established a relationship. About the presence of snow, and Lo are honest, that they understand each other, but there are still concerns. "She said her parents had known, and certainly will not promise we're together."

A year ago, the two engagements, please both families ate potluck,nike air max 2013 pas cher, snow also appears in the banquet. In order to prevent other parents aware, Lo had to call their own snow uncle, "she had never cried, just hard to eat, did not seem to see me." After the Spring Festival this year, Ms. Cao alone to work in Shenzhen, Lo is In Qionglai Huilong find a transportation dairy feed work, "An Jing town back to school night to see the snow." Snow has two grades, and in the town of Chengdu, civil and military boarding school reading.

Dad can not afford to support her children left unattended in hotel

Early April this year, for various reasons, Lo has not been paid. In addition to food and clothing, rent, light snow this semester is not forthcoming. I do not know how to solve the immediate difficulties,http://bbs.qingwaquan.com/home.php?mod=space&uid=98002, family pressure makes him breathless girlfriend, after another sleepless night, Lo made a wrong decision.

"Boss, I want to make her stay." Lo said he had no income, afford to send their daughters to school, but not with a doll company dormitory. Had come to know each other, the innkeeper Pu Yong is also very sympathetic and willing to one thousand yuan a month accommodation and 300 yuan living expenses, including room and board under the snow. After settled, Lo took out 500 yuan as a deposit, turned around and left.

That night, Pu Yong teach how snow room locks, air conditioning how to use television, and told not to open the door after the stranger,http://www.stpaulite.com/index.php?title=User:G9c9b6F1g#i2wU98LtD4, then back up not far from home,woolrich giubbotto uomo, "Although very close to the hotel, but still sleep is not practical for a night, always worried how kind of doll. "The next day, Pu Yong initiative to bring home the snow, and two elderly people to live together, and gave her a sumptuous dinner. Looked at her hungrily, Pu Yong is not the taste, "after all, Dad, this is not the old way."

The next few days, he gave Lo tried several times to call, but the other has not reappear.

Alone and a half months? People love

She is a small intimate


Kindly boss to take her home with mouth shouting boss "Daddy"

Since then two weeks, a person living alone in the snow Pu Yong home, "sensible", "cute", "polite" is a word most people evaluate her.

Before each meal, the snow will take the initiative to assume dishes, move stool task. During the day the hotel has a business, she will help Kandian past, "Welcome,rivenditori woolrich," "Please walking" a kind greeting, she shouted hundreds of times. A person like her. Snow with clothes, Pu Yong lover checked several times, "the cold with ?? that you buy ha." Pu Yong 15-year-old son home for the weekend, will accompany this "heaven" little sister playing one happy.

Students may be afraid or shy, light snow began less love as people, something just laugh. Three or four days in the morning, Pu Yonggang pick up guests stay upstairs to open the door, I heard several more crisp baby girl came downstairs shouting, "Daddy, Daddy." Wondering downstairs to see snow standing downstairs, looking at his eyes blinked, Pu Yong Zhang mouth, no, tears are straight round and round, "could feel the baby much looking forward to family love."

The whole street people love her neighbor move thought Adoption

Snow that introverted personality, did not think a few days, the whole street she conversational.

This street is paved doing business, many businesses are very lively. Snow each day like stopping, not long before everyone knew Pu Yong family was a "elf."

"Boy, do you give her daughter to forget." Go much more, neighbors occasionally funny snow. Once they heard the remark, the snow looked Xie Yan points, heavy nod. That the doll was joking, did not expect the next day, the snow came into the shop early in the morning, to help greet business,http://www.ztmj.com/bbs/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=9694, just like the shop's "little master." See Xie Yan points downstairs Daoliaobeishui snow and quickly handed over. Although only a joke, Xie Yan points or move the heart, "There but for the father doll, the procedures would not be able to do, I really thought about the adoption of her."

She has a little temper do not wash your socks away from home "daddy" to buy toys to coax home

After all, is 9 years old dolls, snow also often petulant. Usually replaced the clothes are Pu Yong lover to her wash. Think of himself half a "father", once, Pu Yong pick up snow socks off,woolrich roma outlet, told her to learn to wash your own. A few down, did not think the little guy excited, "Do not wash, should I wash my left."

Pu Yong sullenly did not care, then snow shoes out of the house. After the go, Pu Yong his bicycle, secretly followed. Walk a few steps, the snow seems to have found a "Dad" followed, simply Sahuan ran off, and soon they stopped and looked at, it seems deliberately Pu Yong catch up.

In a clothing store door, light snow a drill into it, despite the clerk how to persuade not come out. Pu Yong went to appease a long time, the snow finally chuckle, out the words, "I want toys."

Pu Yong laugh, he gets snow, strode into a nearby toy store. After a few minutes, hands snow more than a Barbie doll, get "father" of the bicycle seat, back home.

Police took her attending school has applied for grants

Ten days time, Pu Yong Lo several times to call, Lo is not to say busy, that is no answer, never mentioned picked up the doll, nor been seen.

Two weeks ago, police station Huilong hotel fire safety for routine inspection, found this little girl. After that situation,http://solarwindmining.com/forum/profile.php?id=20491, Zou Wenxin linked to the Luo Min. Lo noted severe error, but considering his predicament, Zou Wenxin took out 5,giacchetto woolrich,000 yuan in his hands, and put the snow back to the Chengdu civil and military school to continue reading.

Yesterday morning, the WCC reporter saw at the school after class just look at her daughter's snow and Luo Min. Principal Liu Ye Hua said, more snow falling curriculum, teacher Guo Huiping every day to give her "special treatment", "has been for her to apply for a 3000 yuan grants, the school will make every effort to care for her."

Dialogue Dad


Never thought discarded doll

"In the police with the help of the doll back to school, I am particularly grateful. Anyway, I will strive to make money, bringing up the baby. After all, the family can not be replaced by anything. I was her closest relatives, is her greatest rely on, that will never change. "

WCC reporter: the doll into the inn, is to discard her?

Lo: Absolutely not. Afford to pay to go to school,woolrich falso, she can not nobody at home to take care of, so only out of this resort. I find a lot inn, one a comparison, I heard this kind innkeeper,collana tiffany prezzo, the family also, I believe will certainly take care of the doll. I was ready, just to get wages, find a stable job, you take the doll back.

WCC reporter: Why did so heartless?

Lo: I was really desperate, boarding school a semester fee is 7,000 yuan, although it does not count high, but I still can not afford. Yun feed wages are only 1,basket air max homme pas cher,800 yuan a month, the boss owed me for three months, when the band dolls to the hotel, me only 600 yuan.

WCC reporter: how to see your girlfriend doll?

Lo: My girlfriend is very understanding raise dolls, but also objectively explained the situation to me. She was two years younger than me, never been married, at home in the rural and conservative ideas,abbigliamento moncler uomo, even if she can accept, her parents do not accept, we had to hide from her house. Also thought about how to do in the future, can only take things one step.

Psychological counseling "Dad got lost in this"

Children carefree nature, but snow has been lost mother father suffered neglect, young minds will undoubtedly hurt. Yesterday morning, the WCC General Hospital of Chengdu Military Region, please neurology nurse, counselor Yangzheng Hui, made exclusively for snow psychological counseling.

In order to let the children down alert to "Auntie" identity appeared in front of the snow. "? Where is your home ah" asked her, trying to get her mind depicting "home" like: "How much of your bed to sleep it is own a house what do you like most things at home that way???" Snow said: "I do not know." In addition to remember his little bed, "and the school about the same size," she concept of home is almost dazed.

For this solitary, Yangzheng Hui very carefully raised, "Dad got lost this time, right? So much individual can not find the way home, Taibuyinggai, is not it?" Faced with this topic,bracciale tiffany prezzo, the snow continued silence . Followed by five minutes, the snow did not say a word, nor answer any questions.

Cheerful is the illusion that she has autistic tendencies alert

Yangzheng Hui said the snow cheerful appearance is actually false. In fact,tiffany bracciali, she refused to communicate, alert mind is heavy, has shown autistic tendencies and violent tendencies: "She behaved, sensible image of the show, probably because I felt like this better to win everyone's favorite, which is a manifestation of fear of being abandoned. What she escape, she would explain what hurts the most. "If you can not get timely psychological counseling and intervention, light snow after puberty, there may be serious psychological problems.

"Dad is your loved ones, your dad is the most practical to rely on." Speak softly earnest after counseling, snow initial preparedness, has been a "turn ice" signs, "though very reluctantly, but she From the beginning to avoid the conflict, to embrace hand willing to let Dad explained or taken the first step. "Yangzheng Hui said, you need to be timed for the snow psychological counseling.

Reporter's notes deposit, it may be the soul of "abandonment"

While walking on the time left 500 dollars, although half of the time and occasionally still be able to contact, although police said Lo thus acts constitute "abandonment of the crime," but in the snow brings to mind the scars This kind of "deposit" will undoubtedly equivalent to "abandoned."

Half a month's time, the snow in a totally unfamiliar environment,http://gpog.ch/gpog/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=50&Itemid=71, ignorant to be alive. Although the "father" and neighbors to her in every possible way, but no family to rely on reality, still a lot of time to let her torment shuddered instinctively make work beyond the age doll: Zuitian, help Kandian ...... seemingly cheerful and well-behaved Her heart may hide how much alert and escape. Shouted the innkeeper Dad, seriously want to brick store owner when her daughter, the lovely snow with seemingly childish manner, in response to the original biological father for his "deposit."

Economic and family even more reason,http://learningnetwork.childrensfoodtrust.org.uk/login/index.php?item/create_form/1, can not become a barrier affection "blocking point." Sincerely hope that all parents can appreciate the "grandchildren" of the old saying, so that similar "parked" fade away, so that more betray I hand in hand.

WCC reporter Wang Jing Wu Xiaochuan an intern reporter Yang Xue Photography