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Shou Fang happily begin renovation, only to houses in the renovation process but found serious quality problems, which makes Chengdu Le Parc owner Lee angry. October 23, Lee scored Tianfuzaobao hotline, said in June this year, a serious shortage of acceptance of new houses on one side of the wall loading capacity, the decoration,http://www.rjm.co.za/node/4/, the ceiling there was a large hole about 5 square meters. He became even more surprised to learn that even in non-residential construction units under his consent, over the wall into the room fill holes,woolrich spaccio cadriano, "while I do not, they turn came from the balcony, the house now and their footprints. "

When submitted

"Walls are wiped lime, and did not find nothing wrong."

When renovation

"When ceiling construction, has caused a nail into the ceiling falling cement. There are problems even with the top surface of about 5 square meters."


Parties prevarication, the problems identified so far, there have been more than a month.

Auntie's new home -

Serious side wall loading capacity shortage has caused the cement ceiling nail fall,woolrich giubbino, the problem area of ​​about five square meters

Sales department

Owners to find developers


After keeping an appointment, ask the owners to find the sales department

Residential construction team

Without the owners permission, entered the room fill holes, plans Wednesday to resolve related issues in consultation with the owners

Events new home decoration quality, but off it now

June of this year,http://www.strengthensocialsecurity.org/node/3347885, Lee took from the hands of developers new house keys, "submitted to wipe the lime when the walls are, so when no wrong." However,http://www.ftcw.net/bbs/home.php?mod=space&uid=1550119&do=blog&quickforward=1&id=7424884, in the renovation process, problems ensued. One day, during the renovation team ceiling construction,hogan outlet milano, when the nail into the ceiling, only to cause the cement to fall,http://www.starchadhesives.com/blog/?module=hua4d2u7a, "This situation can not continue construction. The last renovation team to knock down all the problem areas,woolrich blizzard parka, approximately about 5 square meters . "Mr. Lee said.

Due to the problematic side of the wall shear from the restaurants close, Lee got the cell wall construction unit test whether there is a problem. Test results so that Lee was shocked, "After testing machines for concrete, this wall loading capacity is far from standard."

Concrete cube compressive strength grade is based on a standard value is determined, according to Mr. Lee introduced,hogan torino, this wall of concrete strength should be the C40 level, while actual measurements only C30 level, some places even only C20 levels. Lee found the developers did not expect the answer turned out to be "This wall is a bit weak."

Episode residential construction team turned balcony fill big hole

Lee recalled that quality problems in the September 18 Wall discovered, more than a month later,piumini moncler prezzi, not even the developer's side have not seen. "I looked submitted to the Department, they are pushed to the sales department. I find the sales department, they were pushed to the developer." Let Mr. Lee did not expect that, because they are white-collar workers, there is no time to keep in the new house at any time,tiffany outlet on line, construction units may take over the wall into Lee's home, to fill the hole in the ceiling. "22 evening, I went to work at the house and saw the footprints on the balcony were shocked. This building has 22 floors, I was in the 5th floor, they actually came from the balcony of the turn."

"First, it is completely up the wall without my consent, authorization; second, they have a problem on the other side of shear wall and no longer interfere." In Lee opinion, the construction team behavior certainly is not doing not go down good, "I am" explicit reference to the complaint letter "in the 'before determining compensation program and implemented, the construction site must be protected,outlet moncler online italia, for any reason destroy live' requirements, the construction side over the wall came mostly want to fill holes cover up the problem. "

Subsequent owners helpless and angry parties prevarication

Lee expressed frustration,prezzi woolrich donna, then buy Le Parc, precisely because it is a major real estate developer and Hutchison,http://www.hwqjr.com/bbs/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=206278, "thought to buy a big house developers get equal quality assurance, and did not expect to still have this problem." Because developers have been "hide and seek",peuterey altopascio, Lee only to Chengdu Construction Commission complaint. Ultimately, the quality supervision station from the time of filing documents found in the developer's phone, "is ultimately about the interview on the 24th."

Subsequently, the reporter on this call Tianfuzaobao developer and Hutchison Whampoa Properties (Chengdu) Co.,http://szbbs.sznews.com/home.php?mod=spacecp&ac=blog&blogid=, Ltd. Manager Mr. Wu. When a reporter's question to Mr. Lee told the Manager Wu, the other said: "We will get to know the situation as soon as possible." Immediately, the other to the ground in a meeting hastily hung up the phone.

Originally thought that things will be resolved in the 24th Lee, scored again the next day Tianfuzaobao hotline that miss the developers. "It was about 10:00, and later changed at 15:00. Finally directly to me that they do not come, I went to call the sales department to solve the problem."

■ latest response


Residential construction side come out consultations on Wednesday

October 24 afternoon, Lee went Tianfuzaobao reporter accompanied the sales department.

Staff of the sales department Miss Wei said that the reason has not solve the problem, because Mr. Lee seeks compensation 300,000 yuan, "We have no authority to resolve the matter." Miss Wei also said that Lee's "complaint letter" has been reported, Specific solutions have to wait until the higher authorities to reply to the letter down to know.

As of press time reporter, the developer still has not made a clear response on the matter of the solution, Mr. Lee said,moncler veneto,http://www.51yam.com/home.php?mod=spacecp&ac=blog&blogid=, the construction side has been linked to his plans on Wednesday negotiated settlement related matters.

For the latest developments of this incident,outlet serravalle woolrich, Tianfuzaobao will continue to be concerned about.

(Original title: the new "open a window" someone sneaking over the wall into the room fill holes)