Southern News Recently there have been friends broke the news,woolrich felpe, "Yunnan Jinggu County in three high school students with a rice bowl and put a plastic bag to the classroom,http://www.answers.tw/node/8#comment-5242905, the school decided to three people expelled, and reduced transient student probation for six months, of which 2 people Grant has also been revoked. "JINGGU one person responsible for yesterday confirmed to be true,http://www.headhigh.net/forum/viewtopic.php?pid=1021667#p1021667, said the school had banned students bowl, put plastic bags of rice to the apartment or in the classroom," though expelled, but not to stay in school. "

"Punishment is to deter"

November 27 at noon, Baidu Post Bar "Li it",http://www.xdwfw.com/xgxw/apps.php?q=diary&a=detail&did=387671&uid=174301, the friends, "Miss Dong and TUNG" It is with pictures posted messages. This is the network transmission source of the message. According to "Miss Dong and TUNG 'allotment school bulletin photo shows three high school students were punished from a high JINGGU 281 classes, 25 November, three people with a bowl,http://0755guangbo.com/home.php?mod=space&uid=23272, put the food into the classroom with a plastic bag, causing school violent reaction.

Case "School banned students bowl, put a plastic bag of rice, but also to deter such punishment." Yesterday,http://c910919.s08.108198.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=512852, political and religious work JINGGU competent students in Li Guohua, vice chancellor, told reporters that three students at the school several times to persuade, incorrigible Under, was given probation expulsion process. According to friends broke the news, have been disciplined, including two poor students. In this regard,woolrich parka outlet, one branch secretary Yin JINGGU States did not reach a positive response,woolrich torino,http://www.dldlm.com/home.php?mod=space&uid=13421, it said, "as long as the violation of school rules, even if the subsidies given to students from poor families have to be canceled in accordance with the relevant provisions."

Expulsion does not affect the continued studying

It is reported that, in addition to contracting JINGGU one school out of the cafeteria, the more than another 20 shops and 14 fast food restaurants. "In addition to a small number of students in the school canteen, the majority are in school snack solve their meals with a bowl or plastic bag mentioned in student apartments, classrooms dining. After eating,prezzo orecchini tiffany, students will bowl and plastic bags free to throw in the campus, the campus white trash everywhere on campus caused great damage. "Li Guohua, said.

Li Guohua said the school has more than one JINGGU 4,100 students, of which more than 1,000 students living on campus, "for management of frustration,cadriano outlet woolrich," JINGGU one school in the 2013's by a new regulation --- Teachers 'Congress' ban Use bowl,woolrich cadriano, put a plastic bag of rice to the school or classroom apartment dining, for littering, incorrigible students will be punishable by expulsion probation and other sanctions. "

In Li Guohua view,moncler outlet sito ufficiale, it is such a "shock and awe education", for the maintenance of the campus environment, promote student compliance with school rules, the effect is obvious. "Prior to this, we also deal with a similar violation of school rules of two students, then the school environment was much better." For penalized students, Li Guohua,outlet peuterey milano,http://www.the4um.net/thread-3855086-1-1.html, said during the probation for six months,giubbotti woolrich prezzi, if the performance is good, the school will adjust and restore its school.

21 rules and regulations will be expelled illegally caught

Yesterday,moncler milano, in one of the Baidu Post Bar JINGGU etc., have friends lists 21 "JINGGU a new school rules," in addition to "end of the bowl," "Grease mention rice bag", using a mobile phone, playing computer,http://www.ermao.org/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=111621, smoking, drinking, school sleeping, cheating on exams, sleep late on weekends,prezzo moncler, etc., will be "expelled" or even "touch the iron gate" will also be subject to the same penalties. In this regard, Li Guohua admitted true, saying it is the parents in the school conference announced the implementation,giubbino moncler prezzo, students in violation of the above provisions do not listen to discourage, namely punished. Jinggu County Board of Education said that the matter will be informed of the county propaganda department investigation. "Yunnan Information Daily" feeds

(Original title: three high school students into the classroom with a meal expulsion)