Western Network (Reporter thoughtful) In recent days, a "Shangluo Vehicle Administration examiner income is so high, I want to go to work there," the network of posts in various forums spread, users post, said the street to buy the phone hidden "gift list", "list" shows part of Shangluo City traffic police detachment received during the Spring Festival, the city sent a driving school "cash stocking up", in which the amount of as much as several leadership gifts 8000-10000 yuan. Reporters learned that,moncler milano outlet, Shangluo Municipal Public Security Bureau has been investigating the matter.

SMS users said street to buy as much as "gift list"

February 7, users "to force Shangluo 'exposure in the net posts,moncler negozi milano, said," Shangluo City traffic police detachment part of public officials to accept the city during the Spring Festival' Qiao Shida motor vehicle driver training schools '500 to 10,000 yuan, ranging from' cash New Year ', including: commander, political commissar of each 10,http://forum.jiuxian.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=175939,borsa woolrich,http://qjxhill.cl36.76376.com/bbs/home.php?mod=space&uid=198537,000 yuan, 8,000 yuan, director Vehicle,woolrich roma, Vehicle hall clerks 500 yuan per person ...... "

"Only to the traffic police detachment, political commissar and Vehicle Administration,prezzi moncler piumini, which are the names of the nine relevant leaders to send out 61,000 yuan."

Friends "to force Shangluo" describes him in the net posts to get this "gift list" after,moncler rivenditori, "A few days ago the phone is broken, the plan re-buy one, but it happened when I was playing in the fourth day of the square,saldi tiffany, and suddenly there is a very thin young man asked me to do the phone ...... So, I 100 yuan to buy a good phone, "" but found few messages inside ...... content is carried bribery content. "

Friends laugh: I also want to work Vehicle Administration

Reporters in the screenshot net posts in the exchange of a few messages to see a display of people as "received" messages in a file called "Chao" of such an arrangement: "This year,http://blog.agrione.cn/home.php?mod=space&uid=522436, New Year Vehicle Administration to you to prepare, Standards and last year, can be used on people who usually have to, even if people do not have access, you put this thing to run the last two days, the money you first get in the office, account then (should be) deal with. "

And another "sent" the message is described in: "President Wang, you explain the things I've completed yesterday Captain Lee 10,000 yuan,http://bbs.1717zz.com/home.php?mod=space&uid=41728, 10,000 yuan Zheng political commissar, Li Moumou 8000 yuan ...... general staff in the hall. are in accordance with 500 yuan per person. The money is sent to me personally, and they do not know each other ...... "

Just two days, posted a screenshot of the net posts messages have been reprinted a number of sites and forums. Some netizens quipped: "Shangluo Driving less there are 15, each driving school are so send a delivery, only one Chinese New Year, count money fingers ached a ......" "Vehicle Administration received a few mixed year one hundred thousand very easily. " Even friends said, "I want to go Vehicle Administration to work, even if it is going to sweep the floor line ah also can take an oil ah."

Police captain: wronged Driving Principal: To take legal action

Reporter survey found that Shangluo motor vehicle driver training school principals is indeed called "Chao", and SMS real name listed nine public officials are also leaders in Shangluo City traffic police detachment and the City Vehicle Administration. So, the net posts exposed situation true? Reporters telephone interview several parties involved in this matter.

Captain Lee is Shangluo City traffic police detachment leadership of party committees only surnamed Li, talking about the contents of the net posts,,woolrich saldi, "Captain Lee received 10,000 yuan," he bluntly "wronged",negozio hogan milano, "as a party member on the phone itself from Driving through not accept any form of gifts,http://k0790.com/home.php?mod=space&uid=78435, while the PUC to Zhao, deputy director in charge of police and Urban Discipline Inspection secretary Lee Min investigation team headed by the traffic police team also stationed in the morning on February 9, the situation reflected in the net posts investigation. "Captain Lee repeatedly told reporters that he believes the organization will give an innocent.

And another "giver" in the net posts mentioned - Shangluo motor vehicle driver training school principals Chao told reporters, "While online posts have yet to see, but 'gift list' of thing is certainly unwarranted things. "

Chao said that although "Qiao Shida" be Shangluo a relatively large driving school,http://bbs.ynmy.com/home.php?mod=space&uid=113364, but because the driving school enrollment difficulties,woolrich negozi, since last year has been the emergence of the situation to make ends meet. "Wage coaches and staff years ago,aire jordan pas cher, has not yet made,spaccio woolrich veneto,http://www.8d8a.com/home.php?mod=space&uid=17196, but where's the money left to send the traffic police team and Vehicle Administration?"

Chao said he is working with a lawyer to communicate, to prepare legal liability of the poster.