(Reporter Sun Siya) that there is no replacement hospital for blood needles, female patient Zhang Fengyun (a pseudonym) altercation with the staff,woolrich outlet italia, and then injured. Yesterday, reporters learned,, City Court ruling Guang An Men Hospital of Traditional Chinese Academy of Sciences (the Grandmaster) shall be responsible for Zhang Fengyun injured, 2,,000 yuan compensation for mental damages, compensation for economic losses of more than $ 300.

59-year-old Zhang Fengyun,chaussures air jordan pas cher, said she attended the Grandmaster experimental subjects held qigong treatment of diabetes,peuterey torino, regular visits to the hospital laboratory blood tests. Last October 14 morning,spaccio woolrich milano, she went to the hospital to do a comprehensive blood tests, the hospital gave her blood,woolrich spaccio bologna, the nurse did not follow the provisions of replacement needles, before a patient has with used needles to give her blood.

"I was brought up, but the nurses and chat with others and do not listen, casually told me that the needle has changed," Zhang Fengyun said she counted the needles and blood spot number simply not on,punti vendita moncler, "the day of blood The man is 254, the needle is 247. "

Zhang Fengyun,woolrich artic, said she was looking at the way Dean reflect the situation, security and hospital staff told her to "push, twist, pull, pull," she thus bruising his arms and ankle foot. Subsequently,, Zhang Fengyun filed two lawsuits before the courts.

In life, body, health rights litigation,, Zhang Fengyun alleged fifth day after the injury, the injury was identified constituted Sometimes, she asked Grandmaster compensation for economic losses of nearly 2,000 yuan and 10,000 yuan for mental damages.

In a separate action for damages in medical,giubbotti peuterey outlet, Zhang Fengyun alleged that the hospital did not replace needles cause other diseases, the possibility of infection with hers,tiffany orecchini prezzo, Guang An Men Hospital sued the hospital for tests to take her to another home inspection,outlet hogan italia,, and regularly give her within six years do tests.

Trial, the hospital argued that the nurses have replaced needles,, is Zhang Fengyun himself did not notice,negozi woolrich, and by laboratory tests,scarpe hogan uomo outlet, Zhang Fengyun addition to high blood sugar itself outside and no other abnormalities. The hospital also said that although the blood due to a dispute, but the staff did not insult abuse and assault sheets.

The court found that the staff and Grandmaster Zhang Fengyun hospital dispute, resulting in injuries,, the hospital should bear the responsibility.

The court also found, although Zhang Fengyun provides proof does not match the number of needles and blood,, but the court was unable to verify these data, and Zhang Fengyun not prove hospital medical practices brought her consequences of the damage, so the judgment dismissed the appeal Zhang Fengyun medical injury disputes .