Flappers take the bus, the first being "pervert" peeping, after escape attack suffered chest.

No one to stop a car passenger,http://henan-edu.net/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=1103604, a former judo champion car length to come forward and start to fall upon "pervert", and catch the next bus.

Women take the bus was "pervert" hit chest

Yesterday 9:50, Zhengzhou City,ciondoli tiffany prezzi, three bus companies car length Fang,giubbotti tipo woolrich, driving three bus traveling to Zijin Road,woolrich sconto, Zhengzhou City, Sea Road station, up a male passenger. About 1.75 meters tall male passenger in the back seat next to Fang stopped.

Fang said that when she glanced to the man and found a man who was craning to see the female passenger's chest,chaussure nike air max pas cher.

Fang female passenger sitting behind him on the first chair,moncler piumini outlet, wearing a yellow dress, arms sticking out, look stylish, sexy.

"At first I thought it was a thief,http://bbs.tooboy.com/thread-68904-1-1.html, eyeing him." Fang said, driving the gap,http://bbs.lknyw.com/home.php?mod=space&uid=37893, she observed the man through the rearview mirror. "Man stood behind the female passenger,http://www.magiyy.com:30006/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=3739622, straining to squeeze male passenger female passenger on the back seat." Fang said, it is estimated that male passengers discerned, got up and walked to the back door.

Men momentum sit down, "he leaned Wang Qianmian fashionable woman chest look, but also hands touch the female passenger's shoulder." Fang said that the female passenger listening to music, after first being touched,http://www.naihuojia.com/home.php?mod=space&uid=226048, she will be the body to lean forward for a moment, and no mute. Men bolder, and not only touch the female passenger's shoulders, but also touched the female passenger's chest.

"Pervert" claim to be stopped after hitting them

. "At this time the female passenger hung up on the spot just shout up," Fang said the female passenger cursing position went to the back door, and angry,http://233292.com/viewthread.php?tid=778986&extra=page%3D1, said:. "You also have the ability to touch."

So people on board popping happened, the man not only did not fear, but also got up and walked to the female passenger, and said:. "You think I can not."

Terrified female passenger, hurriedly pack block a bit, the man clinging to the female passenger from behind homeopathy, and took the opportunity at the female passenger's face, chest fumble.

"I rushed to the car to pull over and stop the man." Fang said, the man hold tight to the female passenger,http://www.amarilfranklin.com.br/index.php?option=com_blog&view=blog, after she broke the man's hands, push back,hogan bambina 35, the man left.

"After pushing him off, the man is very arrogant and say, 'I come down, have to beat her (fashionable female passenger)'." Fang said the man Buyiburao, Fang the female passenger behind him, not Let the man contact.

Men continue to struggle, Fang raised the alarm, the man not only afraid, but also confidently said: "? Alarm it, afraid to die."

At this point, passengers finally sit together to condemn the man: "Go on, do not delay things."

Eventually, he got off at the passenger's condemnation of the sound.

"After he did not directly take off, pick up stones from the street, facing the vehicle smashed about." Fang said, to see the car also lacks serious,outlet hogan roma, afraid to delay passenger travel, no longer ignore, Direct drive away.

Bus length is judo champion

Fang said that things happen for a short time, the man from the car to get off, a total of three stops away.

"In the beginning,tiffany shop outlet, nobody to stop passengers are silent." Fang said, might be too short, we did not react, it may be we are reluctant to stir up trouble.

Fang said she had practiced judo, sports school on her period, also on the 2002 Games in Henan Province Ninth get judo champion, and later retired to open the bus.

After the incident, Wang Fang did not quiet yesterday morning, a female passenger called the Zhengzhou City Public Transport Company,vendita hogan, to praise the car long.

"Too angry." To praise Fang female passenger told reporters that she was harassed female passenger was not far in the distance, witnessed the whole process, the man's arrogant,moncler doudoune, are too timid.

Fang said that previously encountered cases of harassment of female passengers,chaussure jordan femme pas cher, usually touch, once blocked,nike air max 90 femme pas cher,http://www.shuaichina.cn/bbs/home.php?mod=space&uid=37518, will immediately stop, never seen such bold.

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