Metropolis Daily News newspaper correspondent Wang Yu Ye Yong November 2009, the fate of Chen Yurong undergone major turning point. Prior to seven months ,, miraculously minus the severe fatty liver, so she was able to cut the healthy liver to his son,jordan pas cher pour femme, gave his son a second life. Her story touched countless readers, was named the 2009 "moved China People" and "extraordinary woman."

Over time, the gradual return of the dull life of her, but because "cosmetic storm" broke into the public eye once again, greatly stimulated the public's nerves, attracting countless questioning and condemning.

Recently, she once again accepted the newspaper reporters, but also after the "cosmetic storm" for the first time to open their hearts to the media: "I was wrong, but that is not you seen ......"

"If you want to save more money to his son."

By the end of May 2010,chaussure air max 90 pas cher, Chen Yurong Qinhuangdao invited to attend the World Walking in someone else's referral, to get to know the person in charge of a local beauty institutions.

Since then, the name of the person in charge to send special with Chen Yurong Qinhuangdao various attractions play. Finally, during a visit to the beauty sector, "the doctor asked where I feel physically bad,bologna outlet woolrich, I say go long legs will hurt, walking upwind eyes will cry. The doctor said plastic surgery can do for me, let me young and beautiful, not only money ,tiffany braccialetto,http://www.jingshilu.net/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=35187, gave me 60,000 yuan as a reward. "

The plastic body also received Chen Yurong husband Ye Guoxiang Qinhuangdao travel. to Chen Yurong, said: "These people are so warm, it should not harm us." So the couple on "the spokesperson Agreement" signed.

On this agreement, Chen Yurong as Party B agrees to accept as a Party to provide free plastic surgery and cosmetic sector, the main project for the double eyelid surgery, remove bags under the surgery, facelift surgery, laser cosmetic,tiffany e co milano,http://feya2008.95433.com.cn/bbs/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=196173, laser lipolysis slimming. Party the right to request Party B accepts film and television documentaries, commercials, videos, etc., have the right to request Party B Party organized a press conference to attend, will thank other public promotional activities.

The image of the endorsement fees 60,http://www.xqnlm.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=710576,000 yuan, Chen Yurong get our hands only 30,000 yuan. "I am so a lot older, which would like the entire contents of what? But I do diagram that 60,000 dollars." Chen Yurong said, "I too want to save more money to his son, and his father and I can not Payouyitian Moved no way. "

At this point, she would not think of how, in a "cosmetic storm" is brewing.

Mysterious figure tracking shot

Cosmetic surgery performed last July.

A self-styled "street shoot-off,http://share.responsibletechnology.org/activity/p/299865/," the mysterious figure, secretly tracked Chen Yurong, will go through her plastic surgery before and after shot down, and upload it to a well-known site.

News online quickly fermentation.

At the same time, the Internet is also not without the knowledge of Chen Yurong, also perform "image ambassador" role - plastic bodies invited to the South and Ye Guoxiang Chen Yurong a television interview, and give them written lines,, to the effect that: couples Two things happen for cosmetic dispute,hogan scarpe donna, Chen Yurong want plastic surgery, think nothing wrong with the pursuit of a beautiful young; Ye Guoxiang is firmly opposed. "We have asked the hospital, this film will not have any bad influence hospital said: It does not matter that this is not a TV station, not many people see."

Although there is no sense of public opinion came to a standstill, but whenever Chen Yurong mirror, watching themselves do not recognize the face, vaguely feel that something. Back to Wuhan, the talk and the strange eyes of people around, so she did not dare go out.

Face their unfamiliar face, Chen Yurong grievances spread to her husband body. Little sister to see her husband do not Haizui, could not stand: "Word is your own sign, strange brother Who told you what use is not long head?!" "Yes ah, I do not mind long," said Chen Yurong, shooting. When she felt like acting,http://bbs.microz.cn/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=45623, even felt "a lot of fun."

Overwhelmed by mistake

Chen Yurong located in the riverbank area chenjiaji home, once again become the focus of the local media. The most "stubborn", comes the coast a TV station a file has swept the country Emotional talk show column group.

Whole week, this column officers stood by Chen Yurong not go home. Let Chen Yurong disturbed by the program team will draw a circle of stars photo shoot room to get his son Ye Haibin, Ye Haibin hard to let him say these photos were found in the mother secretly brought back from Qinhuangdao. "I fear, but a guilty conscience. Money collected, but also the entire contents, and jumped into the Yellow River is also Xibu Qing." Chen Yurong said, was its own kind of feeling, "I'm struggling to cope, just up in the past, to do as it. "

She promised the requirements column group recorded programs,catalogo woolrich, part group gave her 2,000 yuan,http://dixiepreppers.com/forums/profile/jtr6o2o2og6, "labor", but also gave her a pair of shoes. Before recording, part of a group of mother and son returned to the manuscript, the requirements in accordance with the contents of the above were interviewed.

Then, the "runaway mom" facelift later a new version of the story had been stir-fried: the son of my mother does not understand cosmetic surgery, and even that is a parent relationship is not harmonious. After Mom and communication, he knew my mother facelift is to get a job to support their family. Son finally understood her mother's care and thought, mother reconciled. Son to my mother bought a pair of shoes, thanks mom pay.

This pair of shoes, it is part group that previously gave Chen Yurong pair became props in the end of the program.

Time is the best healing medicine

"AFP is my most trusted media, is the savior of our family, I have always felt unworthy of you." Chen Yurong said she told several times to request help clarify, but are ashamed, "Anyway I have wrong. "" cosmetic storm "after more than six months time, Chen Yurong shut ourselves at home, almost in tears every day, the nightmare continued. Then one day, Wu Tianxiang phone call to console her: people out of the name, will encounter all sorts of things,woolrich rosso, I believe that the truth is not so ......

Chatted about these experiences, Chen Yurong mood although there are still ups and downs, but time is the best healing medicine. After the spring of this year, she bravely to get out and re-live a normal life. Her home near the river opened up three points, the kind of serving sprouts, cabbage, sweet potatoes, taro, eat their own,http://old.feipai.net:8010/bbs/showtopic.aspx?topicid=3626285&forumpage=1, they gave the neighbors.

She began to runaway, every night 5 km,outlet woolrich veneto, the speed so fast as two years ago, "I want a good physical exercise, so as to better take care of his son and granddaughter."

Speaking of his son's body, Chen Yurong said that two years ago, Ye Haibin due to the onset of hepatitis C and kidney stones lived twice hospital, but normal liver transplant, her family no longer live in fear as it was before the.

Looking back over the past two years, Chen Yurong feel happiest moment was when the famous actor Jiao Huang presented her "extraordinary woman" award, gave her a pair of shoes, bless her wearing these shoes to health, to happiness, to a better future . "Two television stations gave me two pairs of shoes I keep a pair of my glory, and the other twin is a warning." She said.

[Reporter's notes]

Ordinary mother

Chen Yurong really the whole volume of.

I saw her two years later, at first glance fell on her eyes - it was a pair of strange eyes. My heart thump a bit.

This time last year,rivenditori woolrich bari, I intend to visit her son cut liver to save lives after a year, but she broke down in tears on the phone. It is a "cosmetic storm" when the most powerful spin, so I decided to give an interview, give her quiet, so time for her healing.

This year once again received my phone, she was very excited. But in conversation, I strongly feel, "cosmetic storm" of injury, has not fully healed.

When it comes to pain, she will cry, it will fall into deep remorse. She repeatedly said that the sentence is: "I am not able to live off that money."

Two years, Chen Yurong receive various donors over 30 million, but she did not give the family bought a piece of furniture, do not give yourself more to buy a piece of clothing. Her plastic surgery, but also to exchange for contributions, to give a child save a little money.

She should be a mortal, an ordinary mother, her goal rustic and simple.

Just as she was elected "moved China people" repeatedly said:. "I never thought I would get such an honor, I'm just trying to save his son, all mothers would do under the sun," as long as the child favorable thing, let alone a sick child, she would do it.

This instinct to protect the child, we do not have the heart to call it weakness, may be called the impulse. It is this impulse, coupled with the aura of her head, so that some people see the value and the opportunity to take advantage of.

As a read much of rural women, Chen Yurong did not know her social value and potential commercial value. After fame, she was sought after by the media, businesses, like a star as bright, but not a real star, no professional broker to help her identify a variety of bizarre trap, there is no professional PR team for her handling of the crisis of public opinion.

Of course,peuterey abbigliamento, she no longer needs them. After the heat, for those who rely on speculation celebrity to raise awareness of the individual or entity, her surplus value has been very limited.

Perhaps only from this point on, her life really can be quiet. Choose at this time to tell the truth,hogan scontate, her aim is not to argue, but to give those who really care about her an account of good people, but also left to their own copy of the occasion.