Admissions liar holding a paper agreement Fudge thousands of students

Yuanping Agricultural Financing for 3.547 million yuan to students refunds

Yellow News Network (Reporter Zhao Yulong) September 1, many students have flocked from all over the respective universities aspire to begin graduate study. However, when more than 1,000 students from poor counties in Shanxi, accompanied by parents,woolrich outlet italy, cherish the beautiful university dream come Yuanping, Shanxi Agricultural University, College of Agriculture when attending, so that they did not expect is that their university dream turned out to be a " Beautiful trap. "

"We cheated, you can get Yuanping Agricultural College graduation certificate and report card time employment was declared graduate admissions officers. But our current leadership of the head teacher and the school a clear answer to say, as early as 2007, Yuanping, Shanxi Agricultural University College of Agriculture has been education authorities to cancel enrollment eligibility specialist, when to get the secondary school diploma. "18:00 the same day, Datong Lingqiu Xiaopeng, accompanied by their parents dismay taken Yuanping Agricultural door. Like him, most of the students and their parents has received a refund of school fees embarked on a return path.

It is understood that up to 1070 people cheated the students, who were from the province of Xinzhou City, Jingle, Baode, Liulin County, Luliang City, Yonghe County,http://gamsa.net/guestbook/index.php?item/create_form/1,saldi woolrich, Linfen City, Shuozhou, Datong and so on. 7 o'clock in the afternoon, the school enrollment and employment at Like Zhang told reporters confirmed this fact, he said, just shortly after taking office principals and all staff fully financing these days, in order to reduce the loss deceived students and parents.

A cooperative agreement to let him loopholes

This year on March 20, Yuanping Agricultural College (Party A) and Taiyuan oral hygiene schools (B) signed a cooperative agreement, together with the date of the establishment of "poor student assistance center." From June 15, Taiyuan oral hygiene schools Wang Yongxing holding several official documents related units began enrollment in the province, and in the name of the relevant departments to each county, township and village have limited places. It is precisely because of this red-headed joint educational agreements and relevant departments, some parents and students have to ask for help through the back door to the newspaper name.

As of August 19, a total of 1070 recruit people, including 610 people starting high school, junior high starting point of 460 people, all enrolled students fees are charged Party School of Taiyuan oral hygiene.

A source told reporters: "Yuanping Agricultural College and the agreement signed by the other party, became the first student Wang Yongxing deception pass, the school leaving 'poor student assistance centers' This shell Take this first. Pass Road, Wang Yongxing has defrauded more than red tape relevant departments, to create the conditions for flicker students. Some departments even to the province's cities, counties below to define enrollment. In order to let the children get school qualifications, and some parents of students at back door to ask for help. "

August 20 to 22, these students took Wang Yongxing cheated admission notice sent to them came Yuanping Agricultural College report,moncler outlet roma, according to the agreement, students pay tuition fees and all other charges by Wang Yongxing.

"Admission tickets and the money he received was gone. Later, the school learned that the admission notice is false,http://sexyou.me/activity/p/384078/, because the seal is not covered to school, but they use a computer to scan up." Yuanping Agricultural College in a teacher told reporters.

August 27,http://bbs.yapaifs.cn/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=9309836, there are some students who received the admission notice other schools, asking to drop out. After Yuanping Agricultural College was informed immediately and the Party School of Taiyuan Wang Yongxing representations oral hygiene requires B to handle withdrawal procedures.

August 29, after the publicity the case to the school learned that the starting point of more than 60 high school freshmen enrollment because when too inconsistent to withdraw from,moncler bambini outlet online, by the B part of tuition refund.

August 30 am to noon, about 200 people at the school "for poor students funded Center" gathered in front of, the requirements of withdrawal, Yuanping Agricultural promptly organized refund. 3 pm to 4:00 pm,hogan blu uomo, due to not contact Wang Yongxing, the balance is not in place in time,moncler milan, causing strong dissatisfaction with parents and students,http://www.1573cs.com/bbs/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=452034,giubbotti woolrich uomo, to a certain extent, resulting in adverse social impact.

Yuanping Agricultural felt the situation was serious, in at 16:30 on August 30 Xinzhou city government made a report to the Emergency Management Office, and requested Yuanping City Public Security Bureau to assist in maintaining order and stability control work to do.

Meanwhile, one school of dialogue by principals, vice principals and parents, parents of students at night accommodation arrangements; on the other hand, the school actively borrowed funds 350,http://yjyshop.com/news/html/?47333.html,000 yuan, until 9:00 pm, a total of 68 students refunds 350,http://www.hanfengwenhua.com/bbs/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=312671,000 yuan,hogan outlet, and promised to continue the next day 9:00 start refund. At this time,woolrich spaccio bologna indirizzo, there is still the starting point for nearly 600 high school students request a refund.

Yuanping Agricultural Financing for 3.547 million yuan to students refunds

After the incident, Yuanping Agricultural immediately take four responses: First, pay close attention to financing the entire refund; the second is to ask the local police department to maintain order; the third is to do steady work of students and parents; four is promptly reported to superiors about the situation department.

School launched an immediate investigation, learned that junior high school students are more stable source of security,woolrich sconto, but high school students with more and more people drop out source triggered the requirements of most students drop out. Schools take immediate measures to appease the students, learned from Wang Yongxing organization exaggerated verbal admissions teams use several official documents and false propaganda to deceive students and parents.

After the incident, Wang Yongxing Yuanping Agricultural College requires students to drop out of the refund.

According to the reporter, August 30-September 1 morning, Yuanping Agricultural multi fundraising 2.795 million yuan, giving students a refund. At 9:00 on September 1, the school held a meeting of heads of various departments, informed, and further speed up the refund organizational strength. Also on behalf of the school board issued a written proposal to the faculty, staff raise funds to resolve the refund issue. As of 18:00 the same day, raising a total of 752,000 yuan.

Here, Wang Yongxing 1.6 million yuan by bank card call. August 29th,giubbotto woolrich prezzi, the 30th, Wang Yongxing personally gave 123 students over fee refund. At 17:30 on September 1 Xu, ending a refund,moncler rivenditori, the situation calm. There are dozens of college students voluntarily transferred to the Ministry of study,http://bbs.hsbtv.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=148047, has been part of the refund after the return of students and parents dedicated to the school called and timely disposal of the matter of the school thanked the students and parents have expressed their willingness to return to the phone Ministry to attend secondary school.

On the matter, Xinzhou Municipal a deputy secretary-general instructions: namely Please City Complaints Bureau, the Municipal Board of Education, Yuanping municipal Yuanping City Public Security Bureau went to the original level of Agronomy, identify the situation and take measures, made it clear to the students, the firm do Good stability control work.

According to the reporter,, public security and other relevant departments have been involved in the matter and investigation.