Wenling police yesterday set up a special investigation involved surveillance

Post reporter Zhang Tao

12-year-old girl,tiffany chiave, father, grandmother passed away,woolrich costo, my mother admitted to hospital after the illness to vote pro Ningbo little uncle home. Since then, under cousin (great aunt daughter) "working to make money,http://www.answers.tw/node/8#comment-8013137," the temptation to give up the opportunity to go to school, go to work to vote pro cousin's shoe store, however, is waiting for her cousin couples for prostitution, for up to four years.

Net posts yesterday, an article entitled "12-year-old girl was forced into prostitution for up to 4 years of experience" triggered strong concern. Posted in the first person about the 1996 K-born maiden surname pain memories: his father, grandmother passed away, his mother hospitalized after being lied to Taizhou and other cousin, who was raped and forced into prostitution by the pro-cousin couples up to 4 years, during which her husband has been raped table.

Posted also published a Wenling City Public Security Bureau police station east of the city on March 25 this year issued "by the case of receipt" of the photos,outlet woolrich veneto, the content information with the network of posts involved more than consistent. Yesterday, Wenling City Public Security departments responsible person in an interview with Post reporters, said the local police has set up a task force to investigate the net posts reflect the content,saldi moncler online, and the people involved were dispatched to investigate.

The temptation to leave school by cousin

Post reporter was removed links to the person who posted Yip. He is a little girl's uncle K surname, net posts content is written in accordance with their niece dictation.

Mr Yip said the niece was born in 1996, is Jingning County. In 2005, the niece of his father's death, due to unbearable pain of bereavement, his mother and later entered a psychiatric hospital for treatment, niece by her grandmother to take care of. In 2008,http://sujinhzp.com/news/html/?14986.html,hogan autlet, my grandmother died. 2009, Yip couple will receive Ningbo niece into a primary school.

Shortly into the school,http://myybtest.yyb21.com/discuz/thread-9683-1-1.html, K girl's cousin surnamed Chen (great aunt's daughter) to Ningbo to "reading useless", "working to make money" and other reasons to persuade the small K went to her shoe work. While Yip couple repeatedly to persuade,hogan spaccio, but still insisted the girl surnamed K gave up learning,scarpe uomo hogan, cousin of the workers go.

"Every year the New Year, we have to call the New Year back home with her,peuterey outlet online shop, her cousin were rejected for various reasons. This year Chinese New Year, my wife told them, and then let the child go home,http://www.5jdm.com/home.php?mod=space&uid=16206, we drove to pick up on their own, they only then send niece to. meet after that such a thing actually happened! "Yip said.

March 25 this year, the couple,http://www.afdream.com/news/html/?115885.html, accompanied by Mr Yip,http://emr4u.net/index.php?option=com_blog&view=blog,stock scarpe hogan, K surname girl made a report to the police station east of the city of Wenling City. Yip introduced after the report,hogan online outlet, the small K's cousin told them by others, if taken off the case,http://www.pantsmh.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=205855&extra=, and is willing to come up with 400,000 yuan reconciliation, "We do not want this money, I want to seek justice for niece!"

"Police have repeatedly been seized"

In a report on the cause of Wenling City, Mr Yip said, according to a statement niece,hogan outlet napoli, she had been cheated his way to Ningbo, Taizhou and other places, being raped and forced into prostitution, the longest place Wenling. During Wenling forced prostitution,http://d.smartinfohk.com/house2/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=1611773, has repeatedly been seized and brought into the police station, but was eventually taken away by their table for a smooth brother quarter.

Yesterday,nike air max pas cher pour femme, Wenling City Public Security Bureau propaganda department official told the Post reporter, the police have set up a task force to reflect the contents of the net posts, and related dispatched investigators involved, progress will be announced through the media. K surname during the girls were forced into prostitution were repeatedly seized the police, but was eventually a successful season table brother away, still unaware he says, need further investigation.