Economic Development District, Zhengzhou City, sanitation workers "real" job and trigger hot

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Read tips Yesterday morning, friends "@ Grand Duchy Central News Network" in micro-Bo broke the news: Zhengzhou City, near Eighth Avenue and through the South three-way intersection. Sanitation workers and green chemical reflect work must wear uniforms bearing the name of an individual, otherwise a fine of 50 yuan, and wage arrears for three months.

For a time,http://www.amarilfranklin.com.br/index.php?option=com_blog&view=blog, this microblogging attracted a lot of forwards and comments,chaussures jordan pas cher, users opinions. Many people point the finger at the relevant administrative departments, sanitation workers blamed the move hurt the self-esteem; it was also recommended that the management practices should be more humane some, can be replaced by brand name; there are many users of the "hurts" argument were attacked that this statement itself contains a discrimination against the sanitation workers in this occupation.

Sanitation workers prefer not to wear hot days,giubbotti woolrich 2013, wear long-sleeved clothes with name

12 o'clock noon yesterday, Dahe reporters at the Fourth Street Economic Development District, Zhengzhou City, saw a man dressed in a blue long-sleeved overalls sanitation workers, and no name on her clothes.

"Sister, such a hot day ye wear long sleeves to work?"

"On a short-sleeved dress with a name, you do not want to wear, hot on hot spots."


"Do you think is right? To which factory workers did not see the name printed on the clothes." She did not want to say, turned her head to the side.

On First Avenue, one dressed in orange short-sleeved overalls sanitation workers are working, although no name on the clothes, but you can clearly see,peuterey verona, the left side of the chest behind and still retains traces of the name. "With a hot water,http://szbbs.sznews.com/home.php?mod=spacecp&ac=blog&blogid=, the name can be torn off." She said that India and the name of overalls made two, if not leading inspection, she certainly does not wear a band name. "Who work also back a name? People do not back the name of laborers miles! Can feel uncomfortable to wear."

Sailing near the stadium, a sanitation worker, said: "the leaders said, do not wear if you want to fine 30 yuan, but the clothes made a couple of days, and have not seen anyone really ever been fined, anyway Men do not want to wear."

Within a half hour, the reporter met a total of six sanitation workers, they are invariably regarded name clothes torn off.

To facilitate supervision and management departments will consider corrective

Yesterday, the reporter contacted on the matter to the Economic Development Zone of Zhengzhou City Community Management Services. A staff member said, and most of the administrative different Zhengzhou City, through the open area of ​​sanitation and greening work did not implement corporate operation,http://jsyachtsusa.com/forum/forum.asp?FORUM_ID=7, but the unified management of community management service bureau, sanitation workers about 600 people,http://www.hao0979.com/home.php?mod=spacecp&ac=blog&blogid=,tiffany bracciali prezzi, more than 200 green chemicals,negozio tiffany bologna, are hiring temporary workers.

"Workers are so many managers is very small,moncler 2013, we only recognize up to a monitor (a single person in charge of sanitation workers group) summer heat, some people may be lazy,woolrich outlet padova, if working time hiding in the shade child cool, we do not know him Who is. "The staff said,http://www.xuex8.com/home.php?mod=space&uid=30622, made only a few days under the name printed overalls,saldi tiffany, a move first, in order to facilitate supervision by the masses, the second is for the convenience of management supervision, identify problems at a glance to the people.

"In fact,http://www.lalife.us/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=48435,woolrich arctic parka outlet, there are sanitation workers do not want to wear clothes to reflect the name of the band, although there do not wear should be fine to say, but know that they work hard, and now the real thing a person did not throw any money." The staff said, talking for the network, They have leaders were reported, will discuss corrective measures, with the latest opinion will be the first time to call reporters.

As of press time last night before reporters and the council has not received a reply.

User tucao

@ 992 lobular Mom: This matter should be allowed to be on the leadership,tuta moncler uomo, the leadership of the first printed name, let him sweep to wear out a few days,, if he can do it, others can do the same.

@ Flow Light streams: in the workplace wear printed with the name of the tooling itself yes, also in line with workplace etiquette. The problem is the name associated with wage arrears and fines, and managers only require employees to wear, it's too forced.

@ Island: I think hang a work card or job card is better, this is more beautiful, printed on clothes too unsightly.

Hi Zhang: been advocating labor without distinction of points,peuterey scontati,, the name printed on the clothes can say invasion of privacy,tiffany braccialetto, but can not say hurts, would say most glorious work, equal status of all walks of life, say hurts premise is Sanitation workers found cognitive inferiority.

Editor: The ancients said, people drinking water, Lengnuanzizhi. "Real" job whether hurts, in fact, most say that only the parties - the sanitation workers. From correspondents for their visits, it is not difficult to see their real attitude. Truths that everyone speaks, but sometimes even looks very correct "truth", once and reality collide, will become destroyed, and this is the cruel reality and power.