"Oh, a car off the river!" At 12:28 on the 19th, Chuzhou police suddenly received a report, due after the snow slippery, a car suddenly lost control while passing through the town of Kim Chong Bridge, hit After the bad side of the fence and went straight into the icy river.

"After receiving the alarm,http://www.baixingshenghuo.cn/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=231512, the police in all five arrived at the site of the incident." Shiji Zhen,prezzo bracciale tiffany cuore,http://bbs.yrcjyx.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=48655, director of the police station Wanghua Chun told reporters. However, when police arrived on the scene, only to see the fence was damaged and did not find the car.

"Through the water faintly visible car video,peuterey outlet bologna,http://www.amarilfranklin.com.br/index.php?option=com_blog&view=blog, the water also 'Gulp' braved blisters." Police Lvxin Ping recalled. "Hurry to save!" Time to think, quickly took off his clothes officers who jumped into the icy river.

Police divers and rescue the second time

"There are at least three meters depth!" The first down to the river hit a shivering, followed by the Police Association undressing Wei Feng also jumped into the river, police Yang Peijing even have a chance to strip ran into the river, the water just after Hu Police Association remembered by reminding myself not know water, and had to return to shore.

Left the car in the river, the trio pulled together into the water right of the two doors, because the water pressure is too large, the door motionless. At this temperature several degrees below zero, wearing coat standing on the shore are feeling cold,giacca moncler, let alone in the river. Just a few minutes, a relatively thin Yang Peijing to support him,http://www.lewishamlgbt.com/activity/p/1229648/,tiffany gioielli argento, and quickly swim back to shore.

"Re not save people no hope!" Lv Xinping worried, I do not know where to touch a brick,tiffany e co sito ufficiale, suddenly broke down the right side of the back door, which no one can. Due to excessive force,http://www.lianxinle.com/news/html/?17652.html,tiffany roma orari,http://bbs.08330833.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=99853, Lv Xinping right hand injury was sustained pain,http://www.riderplace.cl/profile.php?id=17145, sudden swelling up. And next to help Wei Feng, the foot felt the sting, the original was a broken glass digging into the soles of the feet.

After the door opened, Lv Xinping man trying to pull out of the cab, but unfortunately failed. At this point Lvxin Ping and Wei Feng grueling, almost frozen body, with varying degrees of injuries, they had to stop the rescue, hard landings.

First ashore reluctant to give up, rubbing his hands stomp your feet, the silent undressed, water rescue again, naked body is to draw lines in the window glass fragments scars.

Passers-by stop to help police heating

Four police naked under the ice to rescue the trapped driver

Dive rescue more than 20 minutes,trench peuterey, three were injured; via the driver to stop to help the police heating

The scene, the police tried to open the car door Zhuihe

February 19 at noon, in order to rescue persons in distress Zhuihe cars in the first time,ciondoli tiffany,http://tw-politics.info/bbs/viewthread.php?tid=12900028&extra=, Chuzhou police station braved low temperatures a few degrees below zero, naked dive into icy river broke down the door,spaccio aziendale moncler, the implementation of the rescue of more than 20 minutes . Police heroic rescue scene touched countless passers-by, they have to find ways to help the police heating.

Police involved in the rescue scene Branch Li Wu told reporters on the lower river rescue suffered defeat while in four, he quickly sought support to the surrounding villagers, a villager heard immediately after leaving the job open on Hastening the crane.

"The driver crossing the great master!" said digital master to see the next police to the icy river to save people very moved,hogan interactive prezzo, the initiative to open the car park waiting for the police Heating ashore heating. One teacher even further out from the trunk in a bottle of wine,collezione tiffany argento, so that police drink warm.

13 am, the car was finally hanging ashore, but unfortunately, due to drowning too long, the man inside the car had no vital signs.

"Thought thinking about what to save!" Yesterday afternoon, the reporter interviewed face, Lv Xinping somewhat shy. Wanghua Chun said that in the rescue process,woolrich spaccio bologna orari, although all three of them were injured, but no one leave undergo.

Zhao Qiongqiong the reporter Yesu Jian photo coverage

(Original title: slippery snow car Zhuihe)