(Reporter Xie Yingjun photo coverage) "Dad, tomorrow morning I finished the last one branch holiday it!" "Well,outlet hogan torino, do not Paoqu Wan finished, come back to eat lunch." "Good Lord, long time without food Dad did the dishes! "Yesterday, who lives in Lai Fung Takeo Tamura memories over and over again and daughter talk. However, the 15-year-old Lai Qianqian father can no longer personally enjoy home made meals, and 6:10 yesterday morning, she was still lying on the Chinese High School students found dorm bed, body warmth lingering, heart rate and breathing but never stopped.

Is a homicide or suicide? As of this writing yesterday evening, the findings of the police has not yet come out. But the reporter was informed, Lai Qianqian no obvious physical injuries, and no abnormal beforehand. Initial diagnosis of local hospitals are: sudden death of unknown cause.

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Dormitory yesterday blocked the investigation

10:30 yesterday, reporters sped Fenggang Chinese High School, is the last day of final exams,peuterey sito ufficiale outlet, the school main entrance surrounded by a lot of parents waiting to pick up their kids, and the back door leading to the school dormitory two junctions have been was closed by the police. Reporter twists and turns "mixed" into the dormitory. Lai Qianqian lifetime lived in the dormitory, and the atmosphere even more tense, 120 ambulance parked downstairs, the building but not a student in sight. 3rd floor above each Jieyou security guard guarded corridor tossed a few pairs of disposable gloves miserable white. On the 6th floor, we heard a cry, it Laiqian Qian's family.

Lai Qianqian face quiet, No. 654 lying on a small bed dormitory, also maintained sleeping like the night before, but any parent can no longer wake up after a long,outlet woolrich bologna, her mother cried into a semi-coma, vagrancy ground muttering: "Sister just sleeping, sleeping, sleeping ......" Lai Qianqian totter mother's brother,http://kilosails.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=597184, a signle tears.

No. 654 rooms have eight beds, lived seven girls, but not been arranged to live in this house, her bed in the next 655 rooms. According to Lai Qianqian cousin said Qianqian and 654 students more room is better, plus there are empty beds in the room, so she sometimes stopping over to sleep.

15-year-old girl was found dead in bed

In lived 655 rooms, the reporter saw, lying on her bed folded clothes and textbooks, luggage bags on the bed, Lai confirmed to reporters, read the first two days beforehand daughter has done a holiday home preparation. "Qianqian Tuesday afternoon to call me, very cheerful,giubbino woolrich donna, saying finished you can go home the next morning,outlet cadriano woolrich, did not think ......" Lai said,tiffany milano indirizzo,http://jcw.ffhd.net/bbs/home.php?mod=space&uid=3345&do=blog&quickforward=1&id=236683, crying.

Lai said yesterday 6:30,bracciali tiffany, he received the school calls,http://www.allisonwalkerrd.com/forums/profile/id80rb0b7f, said Lai Qianqian "trouble," he anxiously rushed to the school. It is reported that before the arrival of Mr. Lai,negozi woolrich torino, 120 ambulances have rushed to the medical staff after the ECG to confirm had died and left.

Reporters learned from the Police Department, is to be found in 6:10 dead in bed. At that time, a girl 654 quarters to get up,http://e-learning.tsu.ge/login/index.php?item/create_form/1, he called up a friend Laiqian Qian morning reading together,spaccio woolrich bologna indirizzo e orari, behold how did call out crashed, touched the nose did not breath, and immediately report the dorm.

Sudden death of homework too much pressure,

Schools: There are no forced makeup

Lai Qianqian sudden death if too much pressure with homework related? According to Lai, said her daughter's grades in the class belongs to the middle position. "Tuesday she was very happy on the phone, very spiritual, but also did not say where uncomfortable!"

Reporters learned from the Education Office,tiffany bologna, Fenggang town, the provisions of Chinese High School boarders must attend night classes, students can make their own arrangements late repair of learning content, the school did not force extra lessons.

Whether the hospital delay the rescue?

Doctor: ECG has no heart

Lai told reporters that 120 Overseas Chinese Hospital ambulance did not send her daughter to hospital, suspected hospital delay the rescue.

In this regard, the hospital one involved in the rescue of Dr. Liu told reporters yesterday morning 6:15 timeshare medical personnel arrived at the scene, as Lai Qianqian do ECG, confirmed that she has no heart,, no pulsating carotid artery, according to the procedure can be diagnosed She had died, so there is no hospital.

Lai Qianqian left diary

Wanted to travel around the country

Yesterday, the police also took Laiqian Qian diary. According to the diary contents revealed that she is an optimistic positive,http://www.zxiphone.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=30590, playful kind of girl. She wrote in the diary of the title page: "Embrace Life 50 degrees sunshine" and Laiqian Qian's "girlfriends" are often in her diary to write "comment is" affectionately referred to as "cute millet," Chan She is "pistachio."

Laiqian Qian is also a diary revealed his dream: that one day around the country. She wrote: "Today bought a" China Tourism self-help manuals,orari tiffany roma,http://www.aurosiksha.org/login/index.php?item/create_form/1, "buy online,woolrich parka outlet, only 16 ...... want to grow up quickly in the future to have the opportunity to travel around the country."