Asian Heart Network (Reporter Chenjun Ru) early July of this year, Zhang took the "right of succession certificate" came to Urumqi Branch of Land and Resources Bureau of new urban transfer procedures for land card and produce a father Liu Fugui, her mother and her husband Liu Qiang Feng Xiuying three death certificate.

When the staff is ready to complete the formalities for Zhang, Zhang same community residents saw this scene,air max 90 homme pas cher, astounded remind staff: "Her in-laws and her husband are still alive", the staff immediately suspend the transfer of work.

Subsequently, the staff and Zhang are located in Jiangsu Road Urumqi new urban community to get in touch, confirmed Zhang's parents and her husband are still alive. Staff immediately notify the husband Zhang Qiang.

Liu family heard the news and felt surprised and angry, in the next survey, the Liu family learned that Zhang not only to handle the transfer of land certificate under the name of his father,, but also as early as a month ago with a Paper "right of inheritance certificate" will transfer the property of the elderly to their name,modelli scarpe hogan, and have got the name of the property Zhang Department certificate.

Zhang and Liu Qiang married in January 1996, Liu Qiang is the home of the youngest,, two sisters and a brother have been married a separate portal. At that time Liu Fugui adobe home has 14 rooms, after dismissing the village, Liu Fugui home in their own homestead built three-story building, which is triggered at the property "is dead" farce "culprit."

"Even the cover this house spent nearly 400,000, most of all my family on advances, only 3.5 million is lent us her husband's family, arguably,, in respect of the house originally belonged to her." Zhang said, In order to build a house, she is still without knowing pregnant engaged in heavy physical labor, leading to miscarriage and infertility since.

But Zhang's father Liu Fugui said,tiffany outlet milano, when the money to build a house are dismissing the village of compensation, Zhang did not spend the money.

Residents Wang told reporters that Liu build new houses, Zhang did a lot of power, but also around to borrow money to build a house, also looking for her to borrow money emergency. "Those years, Liu Fugui boast an old married couple often give us a good daughter, Zhang competent in the eyes of the villagers is obvious."

Zhang told reporters, when the end of October, after the completion of all three story building, in-laws moved to a nearby residential building, she and her husband began to rely on rental housing life, "relying on the rent, we have to build a house to pay off the arrears when. "

Although life become better, but Liu Qiang Zhang and her husband's feelings are increasingly alienated, no children became two of a heart disease. In 2002, they adopted a child, but still failed to restore feelings.

Zhang said that in 2008, the father of the three-story building to her real estate license custody, and said it will transfer the house to her name, "I think all one family, there is no hurry to do housing transfer Matters. "

For Zhang of this statement, Liu Fugui old man said,bracciali tiffany e co, when Zhang said to be home to open the hotel, you need to use a real estate license, he will give her real estate license, but she never returned to the real estate license. "March 6, 2009, my husband and I persuaded Zhang again in the real estate gift made notary,hogan italia, we are illiterate, his wife is deaf, I thought the house to her and to his son, who knows She pocketed it? "

But Zhang said that when she and her husband's feelings getting worse, she worried about her and the children after the divorce would be nothing, this house decided to transfer to their own name. "Because we're still married, so the houses are the same as the name of the recipient who, by-laws consent, went to the notary office to do a notary gift contract."

Over time, Zhang and her husband felt the feelings have been irretrievably lost, went to the house real estate department for closing costs, when she learned that the transfer of the property need to pay various taxes and fees more than 30 million, decided to give up the transfer of real estate.

After "Just when I was ready to leave, met surnamed Chen intermediary, she told me only 112,000 yuan will be able to transfer the house to my name, I gave her to pay a deposit, will matter to her full responsible. "Zhang said, as the agency is how to do,outlet moncler italia, she did not know until the real estate transfer to her name, she paid the remaining 110,000 yuan.

When the "early July, I went to the Land Office that the agency permit the transfer of land to do, I know the intermediary through false death certificates in the real estate sector gave me to do to inherit property transfer procedures. That intermediary see out of trouble,tiffany online outlet, from lost contact. "Zhang cried and told reporters that the family agree to use the most economical way to solve the real estate transfer things can intermediary in her knowledge of the false death certificates do not only let her nothing, but lost trust laws.

For his and his wife's "death", 70-year-old Liu Fugui has never figured his wife was due to a disability, plus two illiterate,woolrich parka polar, so the daughter usually say anything, the old couple would agree that things at home are basically are daughter call the shots. "Who knows she can take us a three-inflicted 'death',, and also transfer my house to her name." Liu Fugui said it made him and his wife was very angry and sad.

Liu Fugui cried and told reporters: "In the past it was great for our daughter, an old and we turn it out,, people have a car, where to go is easy."

Similarly,, "is dead" Liu Qiang told reporters that the couple was not feeling well and found Zhang strong personality, all things are like themselves, and never discuss with him. "The couple live, what things can not discuss it, is to say that the house can also be good, why is that?"

After the incident, Zhang moved from Liu, Liu Qiang,portafoglio tiffany, reported the matter to the district police station,prezzo hogan, but Zhang has not yet reached the police station for investigation, police on suspicion of forgery, the sale of fabricating official documents,hogan blu,, certificates and seals the crime on her online pursuit, and later Zhang was detained in Korla,, but was released on bail to health reasons.

In the interview, Zhang told reporters provide all the material when its for real estate transfer, including Zhang's name written on real estate license, gift deed contract, inheritance certificate, death certificate, etc., only from the point of view of these materials, and there is no improper.

One of the death certificate stamped seal of community committees attracted the attention of reporters, says that to prove her husband Liu Qiang on May 1, 2009 died of illness in Urumqi on their in-laws also had died on the date to prove to April 22, 2010, proved that there signature community staff. Otherwise a stamped seal of the police station in Urumqi two workers account cancellation certificate, account cancellation people are couples and Qiang Liu Fugui 3 people.

Zhang hands for a death certificate, Jiangsu Road Community neighborhood staff told reporters that the community and the street was no proof of the signatory on this, nor is it the official seal security seal community, "our community can only be opened ' proof of residence ', has no right to issue a death certificate. "

Reporters learned from the police station two workers, in August of this year, Zhang police station to provide proof of account cancellation, as well as the authenticity of the official seal were identified, the conclusion that the conclusions are false.

After the incident, Urumqi Asian Heart notary in August 19 on Zhang's real estate gift revocation notarized contract done deal.

The decision to withdraw the book reads: The pair review, Liu Fugui couple found notary applicant is illiterate and have deaf people with disabilities, when Liu's wife, although the notary by fingerprints, but Liu Fugui notarial her husband, daughter Zhang is not the gift contract, the legal consequences of a complete gift notary conveyed to Liu's wife, Liu's wife communication barriers affect normal judgment and ability to protect themselves, difficult to fully anticipate the consequences of their behavior, and truthfully express their true meaning, according to the "Contract Law" Article one hundred ninety-two prescribed donee seriously prejudice the interests of the donator, the donor may revoke the gift. Prior to the donation contract therefore revoked certificate.

Reporters contacted the notary who Zhang, Liu Fugui elderly for "real estate gift contract" little mountain one thousand staff. "Our work program is the first and the parties to communicate, and to determine the parties on the matters raised no objections to the notary, will apply for legalization." Few thousand Yue said at the time, said Liu Fugui old daughter well, agreed to real estate gift daughter, his wife,giacchetto woolrich, from beginning to end just nodded and did not say a word.

"The parties did not tell me which one is deaf, for notaries did hide, so we both were in the knowledge of the" real estate gift contract "notarized." Yue few thousand said.

Despite the revocation of the notary, but the name of the real estate license has been Zhang, Liu Fugui their children to the area can only be sued by the court to require changes to the real estate license real estate sector.

(Paper party pseudonym)