Cangzhou newspaper (Reporter Hanze Xiang,http://www.facetwitter.pw/?module=jgfg5rr4d5, on behalf of the sunny intern Wang Yanan) at 13:33 on July 18, netizen "Night - disappear" posted a message on the microblogging,http://www.sdaly.com/bbs/home.php?mod=space&uid=255101,braccialetto tiffany, Cangzhou West Railway Station,prezzi peuterey, a man pulled a young girl pressed down on the ground ,http://toupaip.org,moncler 2013,http://bbs.cnlxjkw.com/thread-10615028-1-1.html, which was hijacked. After ten minutes of the confrontation, the man and the girl was abducted by police to leave the scene together.

At 13:33 on the 18th,costo bracciale tiffany, users' Night - disappear "release micro-Bo said, Cangzhou West Railway Station,http://coalition.movementcamp.org/circle/green-tribe-shout#comment-27538590, a man who had just got off the young girl pressed down on the ground,woolrich lungo,http://bbs.tt2001.com/home.php?mod=space&uid=9842, holding glass fragments to be hijacked. Weibo also allotted a four pictures, attracted many onlookers immediately. Reporters learned by an eyewitness, when the young girl ran in front of a bare-chested young man followed,http://www.afdream.com/news/html/?145248.html, West Railway Station to catch the girl in front of the yard will press down on the ground, holding a broken bottle Glass yelled: "who also do not come." And on the ground, the girl's hands and face with blood. More and more onlookers, the station police station the man trying to do ideological work, the result is invalid. At this time,woolrich vendita on line, the man pointed to a police,prezzo hogan, said: "! Let him driving a police car, sent me to the PUC,woolrich bambino, I want to see the Secretary."

At 15:50 on the 18th, the reporter contacted Cangzhou City Public Security Bureau, the taking of hostages man has been detained canal branch of Interpol team, the ongoing questioning. According to police investigators,bracciali tiffany prezzi, the man spirit is not normal, probably due to travel fatigue, coupled with the hot weather, the sudden appearance of hallucinations after the man got off, feeling it was going to kill him, so would a young girl in a nearby press down be taken hostage,outlet hogan, police went to the police chief requirement ride.

Reporters learned that at 13:08 on the 17th, Cangzhou City Public Security Bureau command center received Xikezhan someone hostage alarm immediately after the start of the "hostage-taking cases to work on plans for kidnapping," in full swing peripheral seal control, traffic control, scene negotiations, hostage rescue, and other disposal. According to police investigators, the suspect Lee,, 25 years old, Shijiazhuang City County line, the former holding glass fragments hijack a woman came in Cangzhou City Public Security Bureau office, requires leaders with their dialogue. During negotiations with the suspect Lee,woolrich spaccio bologna, the police prowl suspect uniforms, safety of the hostages were rescued. Hostage rescue group scene quickly rushed to hospital for treatment, and the manpower ministry suspects wound dressing treatment.

Currently, Cangzhou City Public Security Bureau Public Security Bureau instructed the canal investigation in full swing case investigation,basket air max femme pas cher, interrogation and evidence collection, site inspection, etc., while the suspects start of Forensic Psychiatry Program.