Nanchang newspaper (Reporter Cai Yinghui) the evening of February 14, Nanchang Qingshan Lake Road in Kowloon Railway Village section of the cell door, a 53-year-old was hit by a car, the vehicle left the scene directly. People moved, eyewitness Some of the vehicle immediately drove to catch some rain around the old guard to prevent the occurrence of secondary rolling. Unfortunately, the old man finally died due to rescue invalid.

"Accident occurred at about 19:52 that night, after the driver gave the driver fled the scene." Public Security Traffic Management Bureau of Nanchang Qingshan Lake Branch of the traffic police brigade accident captain Yang Hong told reporters after the alarm police on duty rushed to the scene, this time The old man was injured have been rushed to the hospital. On the road, leaving only the front of the bike being knocked, and scattered on the ground raincoat and blood. After police survey the scene of the accident, was questioned for witnesses and investigate.

It is understood that the incident was, the old man riding a bicycle through a zebra crossing. In this case, a car traveling from south to north will hit the elderly. "There were passers-by saw this scene, immediately ran to the side to protect the elderly and the police." YANG said, because the old man was knocked down in the middle of the road, passing vehicles can easily be secondary rolling. In order to prevent the elderly injured again, there are several people have been guarding the old man, guided detour via the vehicle until the old man was rushed to hospital.

In addition to these several witnesses outside the vehicle immediately behind the driver of a Passat sedan also seen after the accident and immediately drove to catch car car accident. After chasing the journey, because the other side relatively fast speed,basket nike pas cher, the Passat driver eventually did catch up. Hong Yang told reporters, can be seen along the Skynet from surveillance video, Passat driver drove double flash, from Castle Lake Road Avenue has been tracked the swallows, estimated that at least caught one kilometer away.

"Passat car drivers should be able to provide effective clues, we very much hope that he can help solve the case to contact the police." YANG said, because the image captured Skynet monitor is not very clear, you can not see the accident, the vehicle registration number. But the Passat driver chasing a relatively long way, you should look up the vehicle, able to provide some valuable clues, unfortunately, did not encounter this enthusiastic owners when police arrived on the scene, the police very much hope that he can come to the traffic police brigade provide clues. In addition, families of the elderly are also willing to offer a reward to find witnesses. If insiders can provide clues, please call the Castle Lake police brigade, or call contact Hu police officers.

(Original title: The driver hit a shameful escape elderly passerby waiting prevent secondary rolling respectable)