Chutianjinbao news every morning, residents Qiaokou Ruan Han River Bridge Street station communities, can see a septuagenarian dad, in the Han River jogging, push-ups on the grass, and worked hard on a single parallel bars . He said that only his body in good health, in order to better take care of her mother paralyzed in bed.

The dad called Fengquan Yi, this year is 75 years old. But he built, full of energy, at first glance looks like only five or six years old. Von dad was born in the liberation, childhood undergone various hardships. After the founding of new China, he tied the knot with her mother Wang Xiuling, and lived a happy life. Unexpectedly, 20 years ago, her mother had a stroke paralyzed in bed, not only lost the ability to act, and even urine is also a problem, and therefore von dad's life changed completely.

Her mother lying in bed all day, due to lack of exercise, and even digestion is also a problem, sometimes for days without stool. Enema although some effect, but long-term use, after all, bad for your health. After brood, Feng dad thought of a way: He used a wheelchair pushed her mother every day wandering around, deliberately choose some rough pavement, bumps up and down passively let her mother "movement."

Thus, digestion mother's condition has improved considerably,tn requin pas cher, but the task was arduous daddy up. He pushed the wheelchair all day running around, the neighbors saw said: "! Lao Feng, you never too tired" They do not know, every time her mother holding down a wheelchair, is the biggest test of dad. "She could not move substantially lower extremities, so each must be fully hold up, and then to put in a wheelchair." Although her mother pounds underweight, but the 70-year-old Feng dad, it still is not a light weight.

In order to exercise every morning, Feng dad while her mother has not yet got up quietly to the river jogging. Every night, pushing her mother out for a walk when he single parallel bars on the way to do pull-ups, push-ups on the lawn. "Do not workout how the line? If even my body have collapsed, who will take care of her on the bed?" Feng Daddy simple words touching.

(Reporter correspondent Pengyue Bo super Rao, Yangxiu Zhi Wang Wei intern)