Ancient fable "The Farmer and the Snake" allegory good deed goes unpunished people; and this year has just graduated from college students Amy, hit the two "old fox", she kindly gave a strange Mercedes driver directions, but caught in a serial scam, is fraud 9000 yuan! Simple girl with a sly fox, staged a "Farmer and the Snake," the story of a real-life version! This story, the girl Wang suffered what? Sly Fox is how one lie and then lie?

Girls kindly


Girls encounter cheat episode good "old-fashioned"

"Excuse me, Huatai estate how to go?" At 12:30 on October 29, on the Ring Road in Kunming, a dark green Mercedes parked in front of Wang, speaking driver stuck his head out a mouthful of Yunnan dialect. Through the window, Wang saw the driver a black dress, forty years. "I do not know." Wang replied. "That Dingrong Hotel how to go?" The driver asked, Wang also said he did not know, however well-intentioned, she pulled out a cell phone online help check the hotel address.

Amy will tell the driver the address, you can hear the driver said: "I still do not know, bad sense of direction." He would request the car to take him to look at Amy. In this way, Wang cheated on the "pirate ship." On the bus, Wang specifically looked at the back seat of the man, but also three or four years old look.

Comments: kindly girls encounter fox, drive to ask the way, this episode is too old-fashioned, on the "pirate ship" want down difficult.

Fox setup,


"Hong Kong" goods detained borrow money RBI

The car, the driver is very talkative, chatting told Wang: "We are doing business in Hong Kong, there are a number of goods detained in the 'customs', a chance for the buyer defaults would not come out, that to pay 400,000 liquidated damages. "The driver said, they're going up and down the customs RBI needs 58,000 yuan. "We call up the money to fight over the financial side of Hong Kong, the mainland,moncler sito ufficiale, but we do not have a bank card, money to fight, however." The driver would like to take Wang's bank card, Hong Kong's financial hit the money to her bank card, and then taken out.

During the back of the "Hong Kong boss" kept speaking Cantonese for "financial" call, Amy started very careful, do not put a bank card balances lent them.

Comments: Although Amy thought "very carefully", but they still did not escape the "old fox" gimmick.

Cheat row reveals


But not money dogged

Soon, "Hong Kong Financial," the phone call came, saying that no bank card balances, there's Hong Kong not get the money, want to change a job bank cards with balances. "At the time I did not know how they know the money goes Cary's." Wang said, she thought good to do in the end, his own a $ 500 bank card balances to the two men. Soon, the "financial" call saying: "We have hit 30,000 yuan to the card, there is still 28,000, the next day before arrival."

Two men one particularly anxious, Wang said they should rush to "RBI customs" can not wait for tomorrow, want to borrow money to Wang, many as there are. Wang said: "At the time I was dizzy, and he thought he was doing a thing." She turned out to be a friend to transfer to her 9000 dollars, but also personally to the bank to get the money. "When the ATM to withdraw money, They did not get off." Wang also proposed to accompany them together to play the point, "customs", said the two men may be inconvenient for many people, they let her out of the car.

Comments: This is a little Mongolian girl, liar money hand busy bugger.

"I found this car off after no license plate, only suspicion is not met liar? They left my phone can not get through." Wang said, the entire scam took place within two hours, after she got off the investigation his bank card, and not a liar to say 30,000 yuan into the posting until about 16:00 before deciding he encountered her a liar, reported to the police. (Reporter Chen Ling building)

 (Original title: Kunming girls were kindly guiding chain fraud 9000 yuan)