Xinhua Hohhot August 22 (Reporter Tom dollars) Recently, Hohhot, Inner Mongolia Public Security Bureau of Economic Investigation Brigade Saihan do ideological work through various relatives of the suspects, successfully bring a fugitive to persuade public funds fled Argentina return countries.

According to reports, September 1, 2000, Inner Mongolia, a company found a sudden drop in company accounts 260,000 yuan, and the company cashier Chen magical missing. After the company's report, Hohhot Public Security Bureau of Economic Investigation Brigade Saihan after careful investigation found the company cashier Chen has a major crime suspects. After further checking accounts found that Chen withdrawals way to cash checks, withdraw cash from five times the unit after absconding 260,000 yuan.

After the police raid multi-Chen, but the suspect disappeared as if from the same no clue. In 2006,scarpe hogan 2014, Chen was listed as online pursuit police officers. After many unsuccessful police raids, investigators analyzed the suspect might flee the country with money. Direction of the investigation began to shift to exit personnel.

2009, leaving a large number of police officers after investigation confirmed that as early as 2005 Chen had fled to Argentina. Thus, the police get in touch with their families by Chen, Chen later learned that the suspect fled with money to work to survive in Argentina, living in a very miserable.

Police have stepped up communication with the Chen family, hoping to persuade them to return home as soon as possible, Chen gave himself up. August of this year, far in Argentina Chen finally agreed to return surrender. Under the coordination of our Embassy in Argentina, Chen quickly go through the formalities for home. August 6, Chen arrived in Shanghai on international flights. At the trial, the suspect Chen confessed that misappropriated 260,000 yuan of illicit money has been lost in the light of business years ago. Currently, police are on the case to investigate.