(Reporter intern Dong Jing Chen Bo Song) "This company would market, and I take care of you, allowing you to subscribe for new shares. As long as a listed company, your stock is worth a lot of money!" In January, Lee because they heard the news fortune, cheated more than 100 million. Yesterday, three men suspected fraud trial court in Jiangbei, they have only primary or junior middle school education, all 24-year-old "80" men.

Fake stock information

Defrauding more than 100 million cubic

Jiangbei District Prosecutor's Office has examined, last September, the defendant Liu fraudulent proof of identity to others, set up a "co-Heng Technology Co., Ltd. in Chongqing" in Jiangbei District in Chongqing City, New South CITIC Tower, engaged in investment consulting, software sales and other business business. Subsequently, he also invited the defendant Wang, Xiemou joined the company.

Last December, the defendant Liu, Wang conspiracy to company stock information to customers about ways of obtaining money, the defendant Xiemou also involved. They generally to customers that the company has a "stock-operation plan" strength pulled the stock, if you want to know in advance the information of these stocks will rise, you must pay a service fee. That same month, Liu, Wang in such a way to cheat the victim Lee service fees 53,outlet woolrich bologna cadriano,000 yuan.

Subsequently, Liu and Wang also lied, the program was the "Shanghai heyday Financial Investment Co., Ltd." cooperation, we need to pay 100,000 yuan deposit. Subsequently, they will be forged related service contracts, showed Lee look. Lee see related documents still informal, to believe, so he paid a 100,000 yuan deposit. January of this year, Liu, Wang once again fiction "Chongqing is booming Mining Co., Ltd." upcoming information. They told Lee, you can subscribe for new shares in private, "as long as the stock a listing, you can make big money." Subsequently, Lee has paid a subscription fee 1,399,770 yuan of new shares.

Families of the accused

Restitution on behalf of more than 120 million

Jiangbei District Prosecutor's Office identified the victim Lee by bank transfer, the money to your bank account designated Ryu after Ryu Xiemou under the arrangement has repeatedly extracted all the money to the bank. In addition to these stolen money for daily expenses part company, Liu share of more than 60 million yuan, Wang share of 260,000 yuan, 280,000 yuan Xiemou share.

April of this year, Wang through online pursuit, was arrested Jiangbei District Public Security Bureau. June, Liu and Xiemou surrendered to the public security organs. Currently, the three defendants restitution on behalf of the families of the victims have lost more than 120 million. Investigation that the three defendants were only 24 years old, Liu and Wang is a junior middle school education, Xiemou only primary school education, they do not have the stock industry qualification.

Yesterday the trial, the three defendants for their actions expressed regret, the court did not in court for sentencing.