Taiwan Network July 19 (Strait Herald reporter Wang Ying Wu / Wen Chen Qiaosi / Chart) rented in the villages to work in an outdoor family, 10 days ago suddenly confronted with bad luck: Originally an 8-year-old child at home was gone, parents find over the nearby villages did not find that night to go home, only to find the child's tragic death in a wooden box at home.

The child's death, his mother sobbing, Chafanbusi, mental near collapse. Children in the end is how to die, there is inconclusive, police are still investigating the case.

Home children "disappeared"

8-year-old boy Xiaohua (a pseudonym), last semester by their parents home in Sichuan received from Xiamen, just finished first grade, after the summer holidays alone at home.

This alien family rented on the second floor of a 7-storey houses, is located in Jimei District, British Overseas neighborhood street leaves the house villages.

July 8 6 o'clock in the evening, Miss Ren Xiaohua's mother came home from work and found the door locked do not usually locked, into the room, she did not see who had a son at home, surprised to find a TV, electric Fans are open, and the keys are lost on the table.

Ms. Ren said his son usually well behaved. She thought his son went out looking for children to play, not too concerned.

Lao Chen Xiaohua's father, working in construction, day, he just go home. Miss Ren tells Lao Chen, the child has not come back, so he went to look for nearby.

Miss Ren at home after dinner, went to the factory to work overtime. Period, she phoned to ask the child's whereabouts, Lao Chen told her, searched the house leaves the neighborhood of villages and Xia Wu club, no one saw the child.

Any female taxi evening at home, is already 21:00 and more, she will turn on the lights at home, hoping to see his son lantern home.

"I thought in my heart, seeking the Goddess of Mercy bless the children home safely. Wash my hair, I went out to find it again, or did not find the child." Miss Ren said.

She returned home again, it is already 22:00 and more, she had to report to the police and Presbyterian.

Children died in wooden box

Lao Chen went to the local police station taking note, Miss Ren one at home, lousy, she looked a bit messy room, ready to sort out.

At this time, she found wooden house move, usually lying on the wooden cupboards were also moved to the floor. When she moved back to the wooden box, feeling a little heavy, opened it, suddenly collapsed on the side.

"My son lying in the box, face down tummy, there are a lot of blood inside the box. I said 'how do you here ah', pull on the child's arm, then fainted." Miss Ren recalled the scene , grief.

Later, she woke up, Qiangdajingshen, cried and told her husband: "! Children at home in the box."

Lao Chen told reporters that he heard his wife in the police station on the phone crying, words can not tell, you know that the child did not, and police quickly back home. Police quickly sealed off the scene.

How the child is dead?

Mrs Yam and her husband work for a living, powerless, nor offend anyone. Moreover, she also did not find anything missing home, she hid in a pack of noodles in 2100 dollars is still there.

Ms. Ren said, his son is very good, when I first came to Xiamen, rarely go outside to play, then only a few small partner. After the summer holidays, a favorite son or at home watching TV, "he handle every day," Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf ", also bought a lot of Pleasant small card, some stickers at home, so I do not move."

She has confessed before the child,woolrich anorak, the parents go to work, when a stranger knocked on the door do not open. Six months, the child did not encounter any dangerous situation.

"Who is so cruel ah!" Miss Ren grief talking about.

The case has been transferred Criminal Investigation Brigade

The child's death, after police in coordination with the landlord, Presbyterian placed in the third floor of a temporary residence. Miss any of the spirit and the body has been poor, Presbyterian put in the home of 15-year-old daughter received a Xiamen, take care of Miss Ren.

Reporters learned from the overseas British police station, the case has been transferred to the Criminal Investigation Brigade. Presbyterian couple said police have been extracted through their fingerprints, have not informed of the progress of their detection.

Caption: his son died, the parents grief