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Bogged down in a quagmire of gambling museum deputy curator, black hands toward the artifacts.

Xiaogan Yunmeng County Museum,scarpe hogan donna prezzi, due to a rich collection of precious, who is the province's largest and highest-county museum, this year on April 10, the museum relocated and rebuilt as Yunmeng Andrew Hill Museum.

On the eve of the overall relocation, worth more than 300 million of 22 artifacts were missing, including three national secondary artifacts.

Embezzlement, was the deputy director of the museum and an employee Haomou Lee. These artifacts, cheap only 10 million.

At present, the police have recovered 12 artifacts, the remaining 10 are still tracing the heritage.

Last week, the case has been hearing in Yunmeng court.

22 artifacts missing

Yunmeng county heritage of our province, who shocked the world Qin bamboo slips unearthed, the oldest wooden slips from home, known as "China first floor" of the Eastern Han Tao House, Guannei Hou Gold Seal ......

Founded in 1983 in Yunmeng County Museum (now the Museum of Yunmeng Andrew Hill) collection of more than 5,000 pieces of cultural relics, including national heritage 25 (sets), two Heritage 35 (sets), three relics 186 ( sets). In 2009, the construction of Yunmeng County Yunmeng Andrew Hill Museum, by the end of 2012, the overall completion Yunmeng Andrew Hill Museum and renovation work was completed, only to be in April this year test run.

In September 2012 in respect of the overall relocation before Yunmeng county located in Southern culture cultural Lane Road, Old County Museum, the staff found that there are relics disappeared.

Missing artifacts have bronze swords, bronze mirrors, etc., the number of only twelve. Museum then the whole museum storeroom full clean-up, this clear, all the staff were shocked: the missing artifacts, even as many as 22, including Bi, bronze mirrors, bronze swords, tripod, garlic copper pots, copper Ge , silver lamp, etc., including the country two relics 3, three national heritage 6.

Ask for someone looking for a gambling debt deputy director

Museums all over the electronic monitoring, caregivers also a lot of door locks were four Hall led by four each holding a key, so tight security, the heritage is how lost?

Someone to Yunmeng County Museum curator Xiong Weiguo reflect a situation not long ago, someone to be in charge of the museum to the museum's deputy director of the Treasury Lee demanded gambling debts.

Just Xiong Weiguo when considering how to secretly investigate Lee, Lee car accident.

October 5, 2012, to Miss Lee drove from Chengguan Town, when the line to the gas station door, knocked down the pedestrian Luomou, Luomou caused death. Later, Lee drove escape police custody after being seized.

Lee is not taking advantage of the museum, the museum began to organize the relevant person in charge of personnel inventory warehouse. Lee looking for someone to pry open the coffers of safe custody, it was found that there are cultural relics lost.

October 25, Yunmeng County Museum to the police.

Use of the work entrainment steal artifacts

Face of police questioning, Lee admitted that he, together with museum staff Haomou, in March 2011 to October 2012 period, the use of their work, many times the relics wrapped up in their clothes stolen from the museum 22 artifacts. Haomou quickly brought to justice, two XingJu.

Lee, aged 36, in 1998 to enter the Yunmeng county museum, deputy curator of the museum for the time of the incident, in charge of the Treasury; Haomou 37 years old, the incident occurred as the museum ordinary employees.

Curator Xiong Weiguo told reporters County Museum has a lot of paint wood, are stored in the water. Original old museum condition is not good enough, so often need to carry water into the hall outside. And this work, mostly Lee, Haomou duo doing. "It may be in the process of going out for water, entrained out."

Staff also estimates that Lee two, should the use of their work, stealing with the other three keys.

Practical work but deep gambling

Andrew Hill Museum Yunmeng related professionals estimate that the stolen artifacts valued at 3 million yuan more than the minimum. But more importantly, it should be priceless artifacts.

The police investigation, 22 stolen artifacts have been Lee, Haomou two reselling profits of more than 10 million. After the money to get our hands on, they were spoils, Lee used also part of gambling debts.

Staff, Lee is an expert in terms of bronze, bronze to independent repair, stolen artifacts are mostly bronze, Lee supposed to be able, but eager to sell, before the relics cheap.

Lee said more than understanding, Lee at work more practical, but has been caught gambling. "What he did bet, stolen artifacts found before, people often come to him to ask for a gambling debt." A colleague Lee said.

The new museum tighter security equipment

Not long ago, Lee Yunmeng County Procuratorate on suspicion of hit and run crime, theft prosecution on suspicion of theft Haomou prosecution.

An informed source revealed, Lee involving 2.26 million yuan, involving 830,000 yuan Haomou.

Last week, Yunmeng County Court conducted the first trial, not in court for sentencing.

After several months of police efforts, 22 artifacts recovered 12 now, where all three countries, two artifacts recovered, six countries, three artifacts recovered three.

After this incident, is still in a test run state Andrew Hill Museum is "guarded", in addition to traditional electronic monitoring probes and security personnel, the stairs are equipped with infrared monitoring instrument. "Even at night there is a rat crawled from the museum, infrared alarm monitoring will be ready." Curator Xiong Weiguo said.