Hebei Baoding city network (Reporter intern reporter Feng Shuo Zhang Na) spring curtain went up, many people are in for a train home to worry about. Recently, Sina microblogging users in Beijing, said before the ticket hotline Baoding dial the area code, you can successfully set from Baoding to train, but this microblogging immediately sparked controversy Baoding users.

Since January 9, one being the microblogging crazy reproduced on the Internet: "share my train tickets Cheats, you can now phone call 95105105 killed not hit enter, I dial 0312 before the phone Baoding booking are the Beijing Railway Bureau, very well set to once-through ticket, I hope useful to you, share with you, so that more people know. "When the reporter saw microblogging has been forwarded more than 1000 times. Many Beijing netizens responded that, by this method is really set on a train.

But it also sparked microblogging users complain Baoding, friends xoxo- White Swan said: Baoding people are not buying that? ! Baoding snatch a few decades a variety of resources to raise the college entrance examination scores, no problem, and now rob the tickets? ! There is no justice yet!

User Tian Xi Tammie Wood said: Pekingese grab the votes are finished Baoding, Baoding kids how to do it how to do?

Reporter care several friends in Beijing before booking hotline to dial the area code Baoding, really smooth entry into the booking link. Station staff said Baoding jurisdiction within the scope of the Beijing Railway Bureau, so before booking hotline dial the area code Baoding really able to get tickets. But the country are on a train platform,moncler napoli, will not vote in Baoding had "robbed" of the problem. Booking more than just the field, Baoding telephone booking will be relatively difficult to get through a few.