(Reporter practice love love) 20-year-old male youth A win in Baiyun District of Guangzhou City, died of a cafe on February 27. The cause of death is not yet forensic identification. But the Internet record, from February 20 to 27, he in the Internet cafe every day, 80 hours on foot.

Internet cafes in the countryside from the go

A win is a City of Guangdong Province who, at home in the countryside. After graduating from middle school, he was farming at home. August 2011 to work in Guangzhou, Baiyun district in fruit wholesale market to sell bananas. Parents and relatives have the impression that he has been well behaved, the parents are listening to the words, not the cafe from. Father told reporters after his work basically self-sufficient, but rarely to send money home.

A victory relatives received a police notice on the 28th morning, came to Guangzhou, this time, A wins have been lying quietly funeral parlor. A win is a place of death near Baiyun Avenue North yuan next day, Baiyun District, St. Paul, a cafe, signs are "Tianjiao cafe." Yesterday, this cafe business as usual. A win friends in the cafe door burn incense and pay homage to the dead and want to figure out the cause of death.

The average Internet Super 10 clock every day

At 19 o'clock on February 20, A wins to open the card, the charge of 30 yuan, 10 yuan donated. 6:00 the next day, he was a total consumption of 25 yuan, according to 3.5 yuan a bell, Internet time is 7 minutes or so. To the day 12:00, he went over four minutes after the consumption of 15 yuan balances, 15:00, he recharge 50 yuan, 20 yuan gift. To at 5:00 on the 22nd, he spent 39 yuan, the Internet 12 hours or so.

Internet cafe administrator Mr Wen said, according to the provisions of the Internet, the Internet more than three hours, the computer will automatically remind Internet users to rest. More than 12 hours, then shut down. A win is mainly to play games online, rarely communicate with others.

At 11:00 on the 23rd, A Katsumata recharge 100 yuan, donated 50 yuan. These days, every day online. To 26, A Katsumata charge of 20 yuan. Look from the top record, at 10:00 on February 27, he married once, accounts, remaining 39 yuan advances have been spent.

Wen said that the cafe staff at 21:00 on February 27th and more found him down in the cafe. He's not down on the stool cafe, but fell in a corner cafe in isolation. "We called the ambulance, the ambulance came,woolrich sconto, let us call 110."

From February 20 to February 27, A win total recharge 200 yuan, 80 yuan plus prepaid gift, a total consumption of 280 yuan, calculated in accordance with 3.5 yuan / hour, seven days in this period, he was a total Internet 80 eight hours, an average of over 10 hours per day.

The families of the dead want to do to check the cause of death

A win father looked at the police station surveillance video on the 27th of Internet cafes, video does not show how the death of Azerbaijan wins, "said Internet cafes, he later hiding in the corner, did not shoot."

A win's father said his son during his lifetime health, "I suspect that someone deliberately killed beaten to death or there may be." Bereaved family requests Baiyun Guangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau to do an autopsy to ascertain the cause of death.