Yesterday nine o'clock, located in Hefei Baohe District Court nineteenth court is in session, both the original defendant in the courtroom had a family, but for now a heritage house and court. The plaintiff is a 79 year old Jean-year-old Wei Road, in addition to being a former Ann spun retired workers, guardians of the elderly or patriotic generals Wei Lihuang Jane's niece.

Inheritance disputes, the elderly court

During the trial, according to Jane Wei Road elderly introduction, she was originally spun security workers, on the eve of liberation as a child bride married into the north gate of Ruan, who lives in Hefei, but unfortunately, her husband died in 1977. After being introduced, Wei Tao Jane remarried elderly, educating children has not remarried. November 6, 1980 and married her husband in the former west district of Hefei City Civil Affairs Bureau for marriage registration. 1995, the unit public housing reforms implemented husband, the two lived in the house was purchased, the real estate license is the husband's name. Until 1995, the husband accidentally broke his leg, Wei Tao treasure the elderly to take care of her husband served until 2002. For the later days, the old man thought Jane Wei Road after November 2002 because of his own ill in hospital, her husband's children the opportunity to live in his own house shared with her husband, while he was out, and until the death of her husband, their children do not let into the house, so Wei Tao treasure the elderly will be her husband's children to court, think they have part of the property to the house. For petitioned elderly stepmother Jane Wei Road, several stepchildren believes his father owned a house is purchased, the father of several children from the final nail in the coffin, so they inherit from this house. The case does not in court for sentencing yesterday morning. Following the rupture with the face of his child relationship, Jane Wei Road, burst into tears after hearing the elderly.

To hide the Japanese, investment officer father

After the trial, Jane Wei Road emotional elderly appease the reporter gradually calm, when referring to his uncle Wei Li-huang, the old thumbs up again and again said, "He is a good man, especially during the war for our children is to take care of these capitalists a plus!. " Jane Wei Road, the old man told reporters, Tang Shu Wei Lihuang was her, Wei Li-huang will be called before my grandmother passed away before, told him "little dick on to you!" Grandma calls the "small dick" is Jane elderly father Wei Wei Tao Li Quan. 1937, Wei Li Quan has been the KMT's lieutenant commander, and his wife stationed in Henan, the fashionable young daughter when Jane Wei Road, along with a small son to stay in his home in Hefei, taken care of by the mother. After 1937, the Japanese invasion of China began a comprehensive, in order to escape the war, my grandmother took only seven years old Wei Zhen and his brother went to Henan Road defected Wei Li Quan, after seeing his daughter and son, Wei Li Quan will arrange to daughter in the rear row Shaanxi Baoji, who knows this is the last time defendism other Jane and their parents.

Father killed, raising Wei Lihuang

Jane Wei Road just after being sent to Shaanxi Baoji two years, the bad news came from Henan Battlefield: "My father was killed by Wei Li Quan Japanese aircraft dropped bombs, along with his mother was not spared," Wei Tao Jane and brother overnight into the orphans. Parents of two loaded his father's coffin was brought yellow adjutant from Henan, Wei Tao Jane was "crying very sad," even yellow adjutant have moved compassion, do you want to shelter daughter Jane Wei Road, but the grandmother was reluctant, orphans and the elderly in the livelihoods of hopelessness for the future of the time. Wei Li-huang send a clan uncle found siblings Jane Wei Road, Wei Li-huang said that in the future will bear the responsibility for raising the siblings Jane Wei Road.

"4 bags of rice and $ 64 a month," Wei Lihuang responsible for 10 years

"4 bags of rice and 64 dollars monthly for nearly 10 years, rain or shine sent!" Recalls Jane Wei Road, Uncle Wei Lihuang rice and money sent monthly basic standard is based father had given forage. These things, let Wei Road to Jane siblings survived in the war in the years after his death grandmother. "It was very lack of Shaanxi rice, at a time of war, the neighbors did not even eat vegetable oil, and we can eat fried rice." Wei Tao Jane said proudly, and all this is behind Wei Lihuang for siblings committed to.

Such a commitment is a responsible for nearly 10 years. In 1946, the war has been a year, 17-year-old Jane Wei Road, determined to return home, she took her brother removed back to Hefei, from Jane Wei Road will lose contact with Wei Li-huang. Three years later, as a child bride, Wei Tao Jane to marry into the Ruan, and his brother then entered Hefei double post an electrode factory workers home appliances, is still living in the double post.

Although Wei Li-huang lost contact with his uncle,outlet ufficiale moncler, but 60 years, Jane Wei Road uncle and his family have been concerned about the message through a variety of ways. "Over the years, the family has not been on his uncle Wei Lihuang contact, which is probably the biggest regret of my life!" Jane Wei Road, the old man said.


Wei Li-huang (February 16, 1897 - January 17, 1960), patriotic generals, Han Jun, such as word, Anhui Hefei. Kuomintang army two admiral. Youth served in Guangzhou Sun Yat-sen's Nationalist government guards, after the former First Army National Revolutionary Army 14th Division, Ninth Army deputy commander, Xuzhou martial law commander, deputy commander of the capital garrison, 14 Corps, 14 Army commander and the second theater Front commander, the first commander of the theater, Henan Province, President, China Expeditionary Force commander, Allied Chinese Theater Chinese Army deputy commander and other staff. (Anhui Market News □ reporter Li Jian Zhang put up text / Chart)