Romantic country ranked fourth in Changsha

Chinese Lantern romantic city rankings released today, Valentine's Day Happy Encounter, Changsha staged countless romantic story

To wait for the arrival of Valentine's Day, many couples live in counting down until today, Valentine's Day has finally arrived, and romance is also naturally become keywords. Amazon China released the day before the first "Chinese romantic cities list", Changsha fourth place. Today, the traditional Lantern Festival "encounter" Western-style Valentine's Day just around the corner with a warm and romantic, lover meets Lantern next season, will be separated by 19 years. In this Western, double one day, you will how the "TA" a romantic moment in this romantic city of Changsha, how you played the romantic story?


Changsha romance of "spicy"

"Changsha really romantic, vigorous, there are subtle and moving." Yan from Wuhan to Changsha, said Ms. Cheung's friends took her to see the fireworks Du Jiang Pavilion, just the beginning, she was shocked. She said that before seen on television, actress actor to tell the truth, to marry him,chaussure nike air max 90 pas cher, will be fireworks in the next, feeling special cliche, "but that in Floats fireworks was shocked after reading that, you can understand that plot up, too romantic. "

"Changsha romance with spicy." Guangzhou Ms Wong said that before she and her boyfriend in Guangzhou, a company work. 2009 Valentine's Day, her boyfriend secretly made ready to marry him, took her to a meadow, "he put a bunch of red pepper big heart." Hunan Fengyun highly distinctive "heart" so that Ms. Wong promised to marry her boyfriend, and followed him to Changsha.

"I can think of the most romantic thing is getting old with you." 77-year-old "old Changsha" Hu on the phrase lyrics, very touching. He has still clearly remember the past, they are now from the Orange Island Bridge near the ferry and go a long way to reach the vicinity of the bridge now Sanchaji when he told his wife to marry him, and shortly has been for over 50 years.

For today's 19-year return of Double Happiness day, many people of Changsha early in the planning of how bustling before. 27-year-old Huang Guang Changsha guy see their parents going to the first time with his girlfriend, he also intends front of his parents for his girlfriend to marry him. Huang Guang prepared to marry his girlfriend a diamond ring and 99 roses to their parents prepared a massage chair, romantic, caring, like do not fall, which he's under the original capital.


More romantic south than in the north, Changsha fourth

According to the romantic city rankings of China, Foshan, Ningbo, Dongguan and Changsha in the top four, followed by another six cities: Wuxi, Kunming, Chongqing, Chengdu, Shenyang and Dalian.

In addition, the list showed that: "more romantic south than in the north." Before the list of 30 cities, 60 percent of the city from the south, the first 10 in the southern city accounted for 8 seats.

Reporters learned that the list is based on 2013 annual results of the Amazon China contains love, marriage, romance, idols and other topics of paper books, e-books and music CD sales and other products derived from various cities of the country. "Of course not just to buy books, CDs such a simple thing, natural scenery and local culture is what determines a romantic city waves not a major factor." Mr. Zhang believes that if less Xiangjiang River in Changsha, Yuelushan these places, it is entirely a not romantic city.


Per capita urban romantic elements are constructed

"Valentine's Day arrived, most people were concerned about possible romance between couples." Changsha City Psychological Association Secretary General Liu Zhenghua think people usually say romantic, roughly divided into two types, one is the romance between lovers, another kinds of attitude and style of living experience of a person or a city.

For romantic couples between the critical days of Valentine's Day, anniversaries, etc., the couple with the usual expression of emotion through different ways you can give love by fresh. However, the most fundamental is that romantic motives, intentions do not necessarily require such a critical time to send roses, intercession, and other surprises to each other, but that usually pay more attention to each other's psychological feelings, taking care of each other, make each other feel intimate. "That's why a lot of people love the elderly called true romantic love." Liu Zhenghua said.

And for another romance, romantic city to remove the outer factors of natural scenery, cultural landscape, etc., and every person in this life is concerned. He said that everyone in life to have their own space of the mind, in a busy life, pay attention to improve their quality of life in the spirit, the whole city will become romantic in building an individual's.

(Original title: Changsha romantic country ranked fourth)