■ "old boy fell dead" Track

(Reporter Zhang Yuan).

Recently, a Court of Final Appeal upheld that falls was an accident, the defendant father-in-law, where appropriate, compensate 10,000 yuan.

The court held that "the boy fall dead" is a accident

October 26, 2009, 3-year-old boy Lele climbed out the window, falling from a 12-storey home, after she died, and there was Lele's grandfather is at home lunch break. After the incident, Lele father Li Jian (pseudonym) and his wife Zhang Yu (a pseudonym) divorce, and "inadequate care," the former father Zhang court, claims 300,000.

Last November, Shijingshan Court of First Instance ruled that Lele falls is "an extremely unfortunate incident," there is no fault of the defendant Zhang, but taking into account the feelings of the plaintiff, the plaintiff 10,000 yuan compensation Zhang decree.

Li Jian appealed against the verdict.

Recently, the second instance court upheld the final decision.

Boy his father had left the original unit

Yesterday, lawyers said Li Jian, Li Jian appeal after the second trial judge hopes the two sides mediation. At that time, Li Jian Zhang advice is to apologize and improve the amount of compensation, he wants "for a three year old child on the end of life" claim, apparently to compensate 10,000 yuan can not heal the wounds of the heart, but the other said it could not accept. Recently, received a court "upheld" the verdict, Li Jian family was "absolutely unacceptable" and insisted on the need to appeal.

In this regard, Zhang Yu said in surprise, her father always believed in itself is not at fault.

It is understood that the decision has taken effect, Li Jian, the party has not yet sought to enforce the 10,000 yuan compensation, Li Jian, the incident has left the original unit.

■ dialogue

"Not ready to start a new life ready."

Beijing News: After the announcement, the two of you have talked to sit down?

Zhang Yu (hereinafter referred to as "Chang"): If you can not be a lawsuit on their home like it?

Beijing News: After the experience of litigation, your attitude changed?

Zhang: My attitude towards him (her ex-husband) is never changed, after all these years I still have feelings.

Beijing News: If so, why had not the mediation of space?

Zhang: his family offered to give children approach things, and think it should by our family out the money, but in fact, even the children of the ashes of their home did not stay.

Beijing News: How your father now?

Zhang: Two days before the earthquake in Japan,orari tiffany milano, he knew Li Jian from a friend in Japan, when the handle every day the news was not worried, but I do not know that should not call to ask, but fortunately later heard that Lee has come back.

Beijing News: Final entry into force, and you're ready to start a new life yet?

Zhang: If I start a new life again, how to get along with other parents, I'm really worried.