Say love is sweet burden, but the burden is too heavy, no one can not afford

He was tall and handsome, talk funny and humorous, but also point effort. The eyes of his wife as a glamorous woman, fearing her husband affair, then pledge: away from home, you must report half an hour once whereabouts. Even in the meeting, but also have to work to stop the first call to report the situation. Status in the eyes of his wife so high, this man, what the feel happy, or sad?

When the phone did not answer several calls crisis meeting, he knew we were in trouble

"Buzz ......" The day before yesterday afternoon, Zheng Qingcheng is assigning tasks to office staff, on the phone suddenly rang roundtable on, although the opening of the vibration, but quiet conference room, "buzzing" beep still put a table people look together.

In order not to affect the meeting, Zheng Qingcheng clicked refuse to answer key, to continue his speech. But just one opening, mobile phones and "buzz" sounded. He hung up the phone again to continue meeting. Unexpectedly, did not say a few words, the phone rang again ...... until the fourth, he simply shut down.

After the meeting, Zheng Qingcheng and quickly ran out of the conference room, after rebooting back missed calls. But aside ten times, hang up the telephone rang the other side. Zheng Qingcheng anxious pacing up and down in the hallway. He knew, because a few phone calls during meetings that did not answer, he was in trouble - the phone was his wife calling.

Belated effort will love tall, handsome, looking for a beautiful wife

28-year-old , is the South Bank area Danzishi Street man, who lives after the demolition of the Dragon Garden Street. He served as Director of the Office, the general manager of a real estate company secretary in Nanping. Who was tall and handsome, and when a soldier will be doing something, or the boss's bodyguard and driver.

Last year the Spring Festival, understanding at a nice dinner Xiao Wu. After dinner at the boss's schedule, will Xiaowu Jiangbei wulidian back home. Xiao Wu is an agency of civil servants, stable, people are beautiful. Along the way, have had a chat in the marital history of the two to find the feeling, then leave a phone number and mutual QQ number. A month later, the two official talk about love, six months on the composition of the family. In their eyes, the combination of both can be described as the perfect match.

Married, two wounded people exceptionally treasure "belated love." Every day, in addition to working hours, both a double into the right, affectionate, always immersed in happiness.

They do not open early conventions together, half-Times once whereabouts

Because there are too sad memories, both fear of injury again. To this end, the couple decided: a clean break with the past, happy life all over again. However, married less than two months, one day after dinner, Zheng Qingcheng Internet chat, the boss suddenly sent him to the airport to pick people, he forgot to close the QQ. Xiaowu see her husband and a female student chats language a bit ambiguous, so jealous. After repeated "questioning" and multi-confirmation, confirmed her husband with that name in the field of innocent female students relationship, it did not pursue the "responsibility."

Xiaowu think he is by her husband in the same way "net" to live, coupled with her husband is handsome, witty speaker, is in the eyes of the woman looks. CEOs often accompany her husband to come forward Peiqia, public relations, Xiaowu worried husband tempted Touxing, to prevent complications husband, she and her husband agreed - the two are not together, a half-hour report once whereabouts.

With the agreement, Zheng Qingcheng anytime, no matter how busy have to report to his wife do, even down to business with others or in a meeting, as long as the time is up, he had interrupted. Monthly bill is much higher than the original.

Before long, Zheng Qingcheng became colleagues and friends hearts veritable ears. Nevertheless, still comfort themselves, this is my wife cares about himself, indicating a high their position in the hearts of his wife.

Frequent embarrassment husband does not pick the phone, give him a call CEOs

Ever since the convention, Zheng Qingcheng had to change the habit before the meeting off, the phone should be kept clear at all times, especially in business, but also to 24 hours, to facilitate his wife at any time Chagang. To this end, several embarrassing happened.

May this year, with veterans in Chengdu travel, to discuss a project due to spend a very long time, prior to the wife of his report, I hope my wife not to call in their negotiations, the wife agreed. Can be carried out after an hour of negotiations, a room of people are listening to each other to report budget data, the results of his cell phone rang, interrupting the other's speech, he was very embarrassed and quickly turn off the phone. Unexpectedly Two minutes later, my wife on the phone hit the boss phone, asked CEOs in the end he is not in business negotiations. CEOs say she still believed, must be invited to the next person confirmed. That, confused Zheng Qingcheng very passive.

During this year's National Day, accompany people on site safety supervision departments to check, because the phone in the office forgot to bring the body, within half an hour there are 37 wife did not answer the phone. Later back home, no matter how he explained his wife always thought he was fooling around outside until CEOs personally explain door, she stopped naughty,woolrich giacca uomo, let lost face.

Tired and love divorce was referred to the neighborhood, talk to two hours before the calm

The day before yesterday, telephone storm breaks out, do not listen to Xiao Wu explained colleagues, divorce was referred to the neighborhood. "Zheng Qingcheng day, all night sleep." Zheng Qingcheng colleagues Lijia Lun said, is that a few phone calls, a few colleagues to help explain door, the other just kept blubber, "Even CEOs have come forward, and she still does not buy it that together we lie to her. "

Yesterday morning, the South Bank area Danzishi Stonebridge director of community committees Mineral Compositions well-meaning, do more than two hours of work, only to quell the storm. Out from the neighborhood office, Zheng Qingcheng arm around his wife's shoulder and smiled and joked: "Do not perform a half-Times whereabouts convention, okay handsome Always Wrong??" My wife scraped a bit of his nose, strange response: "But no!"

They laugh looked away, Mineral Compositions feeling: This is a happy and tired marriage.

User-talk ''

Handsome husband how to do


First, there must be more confident of their own, had her husband was chosen you, explain to your advantage is obvious. Use winner's eyes look back at those women, they see your husband when you stare at them, that look best to kill a pig.

Cover the human ear only

Regardless of sunny rain, day and night, called her husband to go out wearing sunglasses, provided that the good health of her husband, afraid cropper.


Keep a distance, noble and not arty, use your charm to impress him, let him not do without you. Even if you have been handsome and made his seven dirty eight elements, it can not meet every day or goes to. Handsome boys are girls are usually spoiled, so soon after he will feel bored. Retain a little mystery, so that he could not guess when you do not meet him are doing? This way, even though he and the other girls together to drink coffee, my brain will be thinking of you.

Treat dirt

Him as dirt, while acknowledging that he is very handsome, but also let him know that "Behind there Shuai Shuai", the guy is not rare animals, street dudes everywhere, handsome just a basic condition.

Dove over the magpie's nest

As soon as a woman close to him, he immediately tried to become friends with her, showing his magnanimity, but remember, and she became friends does not mean she will not and you grab the guy (which is now a series where no Friends are friends stole her boyfriend, husband). And her good friend's aim is to look at him justifiably. Since we are all good friends, nothing can not participate in activities together, even if there are girls crying and looking for an excuse to seek consolation to him, you can rightly lent his shoulder instead, to be a good and virtuous woman.

Experts say ""

Vigilance "Love spoiled disease"

Chongqing Normal University associate professor of psychology, marital class consultants Zhou Xiaoyan analysts believe that the text of the heroine had the first marriage failed because of the shadow, coupled to the belated love Brief Encounter, so a "treasure house, day and night beware ", resulting in like" a half-hour convention "Such love doting disease. She believes that such symptoms if not timely adjustments, awful love because of "a half-hour agreement", into a "sweet - routine - in trouble - anxious to get rid of" The Four Steps, and eventually death.

She said:

A rational attitude to take on their full trust in the other half.

2 To fully understand that marriage is a relationship, there must have aesthetic distance, to give them time and space to breathe.

3 To overcome the inferiority complex, mistrust because of inferiority generated deep inside, because they do not trust, it will produce psychopathic and behavioral excesses.

4 Marriage is an art, should improve their internal quality and enhance their artistic means.

This edition manuscript written by a reporter to the military