China news agency, Houston, April 11 - Texas woman Anna (AnaTrujillo) 11 court was sentenced to life in prison on charges by up to 14 cm heels heel stabbed her boyfriend face, head up to 25 times, caused his death.

Last June, 45-year-old Anna and as a University of Houston professor boyfriend, 59-year-old quarrel Alf (AlfStefanAndersson) drink occurred in the apartment, the dispute process, Anna's boyfriend who sat in fall, with their worn blue suede high heels up to 5.5 inches (about 14 cm) heel jabbing head and face each other at least 25 times, Alf never fight back, alive were killed. Then she call alarm call, said his desperate cry, her boyfriend has beaten her.

The trial, Anna's lawyer insisted she was only used for the purpose of self-defense heels attacked each other. She herself said, "I love him, never wanted to hurt him." However, this has been questioned police and prosecutors. POLICE Ashton? Bowie (AshtonBowie) said very bloody crime scene, as well as initially thought Alf's face had been shot.

Prosecutor John (JohnJordan) request to the jury verdict of life imprisonment, not only because of the brutal murder of Anna Alf, also tried during the trial Personality abused by falsely claiming to slander professor and noted that Anna had missed the past unprovoked assault history of violence.

Alf origin Sweden, after becoming a US citizen, worked University of Houston professor and researcher; Anna Mexican origin. Friends said Anna grumpy, angry and provocative performance had appeared at the time and date Alf, and Alf is a gentle quiet man.

After four and a half hours of jury deliberations, rejected Anna self-defense argument, and that she was not a sudden move dizzy,woolrich uomo prezzi, she spent the rest of his life final judgment consistent in prison. (End)

(Original title: American shrew with 14 cm heels stabbed her boyfriend was sentenced to life imprisonment)