Cangzhou newspaper (Reporter: generation Mostly) on July 22, the newspaper reported the stockade town of South County. After the news hit the papers, by the community attention. Many well-intentioned people call the newspaper, hoping to improve their living standard donation. Recently, the reporter learned from the South County county stockade town of South County nursing home is revoked, beating Dean Shen Li Ming was detained.

Because by 10 dollars, stockade King Town South County Hospital 79-year-old Zhang Weiming old president was beaten soles fan face, shovel shot back, and even urine shower head. Lasted nearly one hour of beating, so the old man lying in bed, unable to move more than a month. And after the incident, the president removed from office only by Shen Li Ming and a fine of 2,000 yuan penalty. After the major domestic news portals reproduced, triggering hot, "such bad behavior, not only dismissal and fines, should be held liable beat Dean!" "Look at the old man's bedding and food, Then listen to the President's attitude towards them, whether it is the nursing home, hospital or elder abuse? "Some users think that this should start judicial procedures to prosecute the crime beat Dean humiliating and by the case of the whole society Education and alerts.

News hit the papers the same day, Ms. Lu Shijiazhuang, Miss Yuan and Ms. Zhang has to call the newspaper, hoping for donations Zhang Weiming and other elderly people to help them improve their lives. "Looking at photographs of the elderly, huddled in dirty black blanket, I am particularly uncomfortable, I want to give him a month to donate some money to help him with dignity." Ms. Lu said emotionally. More than 60-year-old Miss Yuan said, watching the old man in the nursing home abuse of the message being beaten her mind it hard, "because by 10 dollars, the old man was beaten from the get out of bed, the dean Is not compassion it? "The very fact to reporters sent 500 yuan donations, and commissioned reporter for the old people buy supplements, and to distribute donations to collapse into their hands.

This also caused Nanpi county government attaches great importance to the relevant responsible person said, reported the same day Nanpi county government held an emergency meeting the requirements of public security, civil affairs and other multi-sectoral investigation. Subsequently, the stockade town homes hit Dean Shen Li Ming was detained by the police. According to Dong Village villagers, shortly after news hit the papers,piumini moncler bambini, the stockade town homes of elderly people were divided into two forwards away, part of the new South County was admitted to the nursing home, some were transferred to other towns nursing home, currently the stockade town homes have been revoked. It is reported that the town stockade for playing elderly nursing home incident occurred, South County expand governance and leadership require rectification work within the county.