WASHINGTON actor "Zhang Guofeng" Shen acted in more than 30 TV series, played a "hidden" in the Sheng Township and many other roles, is quite famous in recent years, supporting role. But the day before yesterday Qiqihar City Public Security Bureau has announced that "Zhang Guofeng" true identity was actually assaulting police revolver fugitives Jishi Guang.

December 13, Ji Shiguang was escorted back to Qiqihar. Qiqihar City Public Security Bureau released information that the "clear network action", the Public Security Bureau of Interpol detachment received a report from the masses, said active in the major TV stations, TV actor Zhang Guofeng in Qiqihar City in 1998 may be the Internet police armed robbery firearms, police officers hurt one of a series of important members of the robbery gang Jishi Guang.

After investigation, the police confirmed that the person is indeed , and found that he often Guangdong, Beijing, Jiangsu and Zhejiang Provinces activities in many TV plays a role in.

Early December, the police learned that Ji Shiguang possible activities in Jinhua area. December 8, police in Jinhua City, a rental would have been "bleaching" status, changed its name to change the name of captured.

After interrogation, Ji Shiguang assaulting police revolver its gang confessed to the crime. He confessed that after the incident in order to avoid combat, has fled to Shenzhen and other places, culminating in Jinhua City, "hidden" down, alias "Zhang Guofeng" in the movie by performing a living. Police investigations revealed that Ji Shiguang has served different roles in more than 30 TV shows until they are arrested,woolrich artic, he was still a drama played monk, the play has already made more than 30 games.

At present, the suspects had been under criminal detention Jishi Guang.

■ People

Excellent acting arrogant personality

in Hengdian when the "horizontal drift", a pseudonym Zhang Guofeng. Yesterday, the reporter contacted Zhang Guofeng few familiar friends, restore the scene and arrested the character Ji Shiguang.

When arrested in stewed yam soup ribs

Shao Yong Zhang Guofeng's friend told reporters, December 5 is Hengdian Actors Guild actor to sign payday, Zhang Guofeng wage specially after picking up the next day to ask him is pursuing a girl sweet (a pseudonym) to eat, Shao also accompany them.

Shao Yong recalls the night without any exception, we eat very happy. Zhang Guofeng said he wanted everyone to drink soup, also asked what we like to drink soup, Shao casually said yam soup ribs.

The 8th, Shao Yong beat his phone and found no answer. At the same time, a responsible person is responsible for managing the Hengdian Actors Guild actor also received two crew telephone, said people who can not find Zhang Guofeng. Association and the crew subsequently mess, looking for the whereabouts of Zhang Guofeng.

Zhang sweet after missing the next day to home, home empty sheets were turned upside down, there is a pot on a gas stove is not a good yam stewed pork soup.

Until yesterday, we learned from the news photos turned out to be a fugitive, police captured.

It will be relationships, like with the younger

Zhang Guofeng was in 2008 when the extras to Hengdian. A recognized actor Zhang Guofeng Zhu said Zhang's attitude has always been more "outrageous", it is "domineering" feeling. Usually fight face to face, greeting each other, Zhang sometimes love to ignore the answer, some "arrogant."

In the crew, Zhang Guofeng and also many actors uttered contradictory. An actor on the microblogging said Zhang Guofeng very "big names" because he and another actor quarrel together almost beat Zhang.

In Cheng Ran opinion, Zhang Guofeng and technical education actors some out of tune, "he some gas arena, like mixed with the underworld, but therefore very popular, and it will be Latin American relations director, also liked with little brother."

Just this year, early 20s Zhang Guofeng Shao Yong also believes there is "Wild air," but he is therefore Zhang Pingjiapogao. Shao Yong is only the end of October for the first time to recognize Hengdian Zhang Guofeng, and Zhang invited him and a few people who arrived to eat hot pot. Zhang Guofeng was sitting in the hotel innermost edge of the table, because acting shaved head, wearing a baseball cap, "gas field special enough."

Idol is Jiangwu Fan Wei

Zhang Guofeng favorite actor Jiang Wu, he publicly said he and Jiang Wu approximate shape and will deliberate imitation Jiang Wu, also hopes to one day reach the status of Jiang Wu. But privately, and Fan Wei Zhang Guofeng often say that they most like, including that of a northeastern accent.

"Latent" director Jiang Wei Zhang Guofeng impressed on, although few scenes, but Jiang Wei Zhang felt a "very good actor."

"Heung Shing play this role in the emotional ups and downs, there is crying scene, but he (Zhang Guofeng) played very natural. Generally extras do not have this level, even in a supporting role in his acting can be considered very good. "Jiang Weixin said.

Dreams do male lead

According to the Qiqihar police, in January 2010, Zhang Guofeng had also accepted a minor celebrity in a media interview, talking about himself from the "horizontal drift" (especially in the field who participated in the TV drama Hengdian shooting) to professional actors legend . "2008 was the start of my career in Hengdian year 2009 is the year of my progress faster towards the road of professional actors from special actor."

For his career as an actor Zhang Guofeng very hopeful, he had his own friends Shao Yong said, "From extras to supporting roles I did, I would be supporting role to the protagonist of the 8th, the 7th, the 6th ...... until M One. "

Claimed had been the police, native of Shandong

About Zhang Guofeng's past, he rarely mentioned. 2008, when he and Cheng Ran chat mentioned that he had been a policeman, done business, then the business failed. In the sweet front, he said only his own native of Shandong, home in Harbin. Of Shao Yong, he mentioned his past business in Qingdao, at the edge trestle dating girls.

But in Hengdian, nobody hold him too much in the past, everyone from around the country, wandering far. Many people like him have the experience of failure, or refuse to discuss the past.

About Zhang Guofeng details on the phone, sweet can not say more, she had been crying.

Sweet did not know Zhang Guofeng will be sentenced to multiple, but she hoped that "the court can lenient sentence, give him a new life and a chance of redemption, my friends all want him to come back one day, play to the audience, it would be to contribute to society a. "

Buddhist, think "is its own."

Zhang Guofeng microblogging, but did not send any content. QQ his nickname was "let go" signature that says "you install it, do not install in the end I'll look down on you," space reprinted some of his favorite articles, mostly about feelings and Buddhism, including one called "Life is like a play," the article stresses the philosophy of life. He often told friends that he believed in Buddhism.

Space is only published in the November 29 article that he himself wrote, titled "desperate", Shao Yong said that the article was to express his views on an emotional commitment. But Zhang Guofeng after the accident, Shao Yong and sweet it was found that the portrayal of the article seems to Zhang Guofeng fate.

At the beginning of the article read: "always believed that anything the size of the thing, somewhere is its own."

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