Overloading "black school bus" in a car accident

17 children injured

Negotiate compensation Sa month to no avail

At 7:10 on July 20, 2011, opening Jinzhou New Area Pebble Beach Liangshuiwan road, bus carrying 17 children of light enclosed truck collided with the oncoming Mercedes, 17 children have varying degrees of car injured, 7-year-old Wen Wen (a pseudonym) was among them. Three months later, on compensation issues, Wen Wen both parents and kindergarten as well as the driver has not been able to reach agreement. So in the accident, in the end who should be mainly responsible for the child's medical expenses as well as follow-up treatment expenses? Reporters investigating the matter.

(Part I)


Deck car hit overloaded vehicles

Kindergarten is about to finish by "school bus" accident

Wen Wen's parents are migrant workers, due to economic reasons, the two children chose a relatively low cost, but also closer to home nursery. In addition to more than a year back home, Wen Wen has been hosted in this nursery. Suddenly, Wen-wen 7 years old, and this year is his last year in kindergarten.

Majiatan few nearby kindergarten, kindergarten on the size and price of the temple have been recognized by the parents, so more and more children. To be able to accommodate more children, this year in July, the temple kindergarten move. "Originally map is from kindergarten near, did not think they would move." Mother Palace said Ms. Wen Wen, which erupted on kindergarten children inconvenient, but as to dispel the concerns of parents, the principal hired a "school bus" child shuttle nearby. To some extent, to facilitate the parents.

However, no one would expect, in the "school bus" operations on the third day actually had an accident.

Car deck and overloaded vehicles collided 17 children injured

Reporters in the Dalian Development Zone police brigade issued a "road traffic accident" to see, between the incident was on July 20, a light blocking truck collided with the oncoming Mercedes. At the time, no street lighting, road surface slippery, foggy weather, but the two cars are traveling violation.

This reporter saw a bundle driving Mercedes using a driving license and other motor vehicle license plate, but not in accordance with the provisions of the right of passage is the main cause of the accident. But people did not expect is that a closed car light truck drivers Teng, even carrying a small bag filled with children, at least 17.

After the two vehicles collided, there are 17 children were injured to varying degrees, including Wen Wen. He told reporters, was sitting in the last row, when you crash, his back toward the front of the seat in the past, when the head hurts. The other kids some bleeding, and some frightened, sitting on the ground crying.

Ms. Wen Wen's mother house, told reporters in the morning out of the accident, but by noon, he did not know his son was hurt. Later, she took leave of absence to the yard, rushed to the nursery, found his son, although no injuries, but behind the right ear with a bulging bag. Immediately, the couple took the children to a nearby hospital for treatment. Diagnostic Hospital is "right ear secretory otitis media ear contusion skull fracture."

"Seeing the children to go to school, you must keep the body well." Ms. Gong and her husband take care of the child until 17 days later, they go through the discharge procedures, and referral to the Children's Hospital of Dalian.

(Second part)


Who will lose? How much compensation?

An accident caused by compensation disputes

"The doctor said, from the outside can not see, but the child right ear ear effusion, effusion disappeared slowly and so need further observation." Ms. Gong said the accident, the child was pushed into "internal injuries", kindergarten needs responsibly. Child's hospitalization, treatment costs plus referral fees, we need someone to bear. She believes that most need to take responsibility is kindergarten. "After all, I handed the baby nursery, out of trouble, kindergarten must be responsible." Ms. Gong said.

Ms. Gong calculation, the child after the accident and treatment costs of hospital expenses together have over 6000, with a period of lost income of both parents and the child's subsequent treatment costs, kindergarten need to come up with at least 20,000 yuan compensation.

For this requirement, the kindergarten was unacceptable. November 8, Wen Wen's parents again ask for compensation to kindergarten. Xu principal repeatedly said, the child may be reimbursed expenses so far, the cost depends on how other police team coordination. "JiaoJingDui let kindergarten pay much money to you, I'll come up with how much money." said that early in 17 children after the accident, she had to come up with the cost of 2,000 yuan to every parent, if the hospital charges and medical expenses is not enough, she can make up two drivers to discuss the addition. And this apparently did not reach Wen Wen parents' request. Things in the past three months, the two sides are still deadlocked.

Black school bus accident in the end who is responsible?

Reporters in the "Road Traffic Accident" to see, in this accident, the driver of a motor vehicle Cong failure to implement the right of the road traffic is the main cause of the accident, while the driver of a freight vehicle Teng carrier passengers, is a secondary cause of this accident. On compensation issues, has not made the Confirmation instructions.

Xu principal told reporters, carrying the children of light trucks is not enclosed kindergarten "school bus." But in the parents' strong request, kindergarten hired from outside a private car. This car is not operating license, and even pay high insurance at all. After the accident, the kindergarten classes have been canceled this "school bus."

Liaoning Kai million Lawyer Ma Yue believes Palace President can claim to kindergarten. Kindergarten provides school bus service due to security within reasonable limits the obligation to protect the safety of children, kindergarten leased light trucks, vehicles traveling violation, failed to fulfill its security obligations within a reasonable range, leading children were injured, so the kindergarten should Palace Ms. liability. The President Palace can also be both illegal driving the vehicle, with the fault grounds of the "school bus" and other accident claims.

(Part III)


Nursery school bus regulatory gaps

Bad school bus worrisome

In recent years, the country school bus accidents often occur, these tragedies, sounded the alarm again: school bus safety issues should arouse the attention of the whole society, establish and improve relevant legal system without delay.

This reporter recently learned that some schools, kindergartens at the time of enrollment of students in order to compete, we strive to promote "a car shuttle," this advantage to attract parents. In fact, part of the nursery but no vehicles, etc. recruit a certain number of people, the self-employed commercial vehicles went to rental pick up the child. These self-employed driver safety awareness is very weak, there is no formal operating procedures, as well as mandatory insurance and vehicle insurance did not apply for the seat.

In the course of several kindergarten reporter interviewed found the principal of the school bus safety is very important to recognize,moncler baby, they also know that once the risk of overloading the vehicle, the consequences are serious. But part of the principal does not know the school bus has strict rules, taking into account operating costs, overloading phenomenon is widespread. These "school bus" in general on the main road traveling time is not long, the traffic police department, if not months of waiting, it is difficult to detect the problem of overloading, which is the majority of school buses have varying degrees of overload problem.

Private nursery school bus regulatory gaps

The school bus overloading, once an accident exactly who is responsible? Education departments have the right to their punishment? Reporters contacted the Dalian City Board of Education a safe place. A staff member told reporters, Dalian school bus implementation of territorial management, the development of specific management practices by the Department of Education each district, each district has a standard management. The education department does not have the right punishment, once out of the situation, first of all by the traffic team penalties.

Reporters made with Golden State Security Service District Board of Education to contact a school bus for many years engaged in the management of research staff member surnamed Xin told reporters that in recent years, for school bus traffic safety, government and schools at all levels are more concerned, but also adopted a series of treatment measures. However, the education sector is not the law enforcement agencies, there is no punishment for violations of school bus right, however, the education sector will be some management.

Xinmou told reporters, in order to avoid school bus overcrowding problem arising due to operational costs, Jinzhou District government will come up with 2.2 million yuan per year for each school school bus subsidies. School bus runs must have a driver's license, operating permits, and vehicle permits, three cards are indispensable.

The education sector will be combined with the transportation department regularly carry out spot checks on the school bus, in the event of overcrowding situation, be punished by the transport sector, while the EDB will continue to operate and to prohibit the removal of subsidies. Considering the township school bus overcrowding situation is more serious, the education sector under regular education and publicity to the township checks.

"But these provisions is limited to primary school to high school." Xinmou told reporters on kindergartens, especially private kindergarten, there is no explicit provision in the regulatory gaps.

"Now Jinzhou New Area of ​​public kindergartens no school buses, no related management." Xinmou said, for private kindergarten school bus, and are not included in the scope of management education sector. And often an accident, they are all private kindergartens employ "black school bus." In this regard, the education sector is also working towards a series of measures to make private kindergarten school bus gradually on the right track. On the school bus problem, the education sector should assume primary responsibility, transportation, security and other departments to actively cooperate with the school bus management, to protect the school bus safety.

Parents and students should strengthen the emphasis on school bus safety. Do not take the "underground" school bus, do not take the overloaded school bus. If you do need a few parents rented a car, we must examine whether there is a vehicle operator qualifications, whether the driver can engage in passenger operations and the like.

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In order to ensure the safety of students riding school buses, Dalian has been formally implemented in July last year "national school bus safety standards."

Dalian school bus standard reference implementation of the US federal motor vehicle safety standards, not only the definition of a school bus, classification, the number of approved and put forward specific demands, but also from a technical point of view of fire safety measures, seat belts, seat care personnel, drive recorder, car windows and other aspects of the configuration and parameters made detailed provisions.

Standards, private primary school bus must be equipped with seat belts for each seat; care staff should at least install a permanent seat and set flags; should be located at least two emergency exits; to be installed "Car black box"; double-decker buses and articulated buses are not allowed as school bus.

Intern reporter Zhang Lu Jin Jing