Asian Heart Network (Reporter correspondent Libi Cheng Du Jiang Ming) husband filed for divorce, the marriage may be due to the two sides signed a "marital loyalty agreement", the wife to the husband was in violation of "marital loyalty agreement" on the grounds counterclaim derailed her husband, ask for compensation for loss of reputation and 200,000 yuan for mental damages.

Last March, through marriage, divorced divorced Zhao Xue Jia Ping same acquaintance. Three months after exposure, the two registration of marriage. As they were all married, Zhao Xue did not want to be injured due to marriage, so put the two sides signed a "loyalty agreement", this idea of ​​consent Jia Ping consent.

Agreement, married couples should be mutual respect and love, family, spouse, children have ethics and responsibility. Jia Ping Zhao Xue and signed the agreement,woolrich parka bambino, to be able to more effectively constraints they do not violate the agreement, they also released the final stressed that "if a party during the marriage relationship continues to exist due to the moral issue, there extramarital affairs, to compensate other mental damages, loss of reputation and 200,000 yuan. "

March of this year, Zhao Xue found her husband became very mysterious. After observation, Zhao Xue Jia peace he found a girl units improper relationship, in the case of persuasion failed, Zhao Xue filed for divorce. But for the loyalty agreements signed between the two men had, Jia Ping reluctant to comply.

Divorce is a foregone conclusion, Jia Ping will be a paper petition submitted to the Court, the appeals court granted the couple divorced. Zhao Xue has no objection on the matter of divorce, but her counterclaim Jia Ping, asking them to pay 200,000 yuan penalty. But Jia Ping believes that his wife asked him for "loyalty agreement" liquidated damages no legal basis to request the court to dismiss the law.

Kuitun Reclamation People's Court held that the duty of loyalty is the most essential relationship between husband and wife marriage requirements, marital relations are stable or not, largely depends on it. Husband and wife shall be faithful to each other, such as the party has bigamy, there are other people living together with one of the circumstances which led to divorce, the innocent party is entitled to claim damages.

Ultimately, the court found, the two sides signed the "loyalty agreement" is valid, the court upheld the requirements of Jia Ping Zhao Xue pay 200,000 yuan penalty appeals.

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