38-year-old Liu Gong (a pseudonym) like to buy lottery tickets, had been in some small prize, he recently complained that he recently bought a 1.5 million yuan prize in the lottery, the lottery is the lottery salesman can occupy Zhu Zhu also impersonator a bonus. The reporter then informed that the investigation has ended Keemun County police and transferred to the court docket. It is understood that Zhu has now been dismissed.

Rebellion: the jackpot hit impersonator

Liu Gong who work long-term, buy a lottery ticket is his hobby, he had some small prize in the biggest one is 50 yuan. Liu Gong told reporters recently he went home to visit relatives, September 27 to the head of a local call to buy lottery tickets Wang, Wang said he does not sell tickets, so the salesman Zhu sell him. That evening, Liu Gong and Zhu met at a restaurant Keemun county, Liu Gong on the spot to buy a total of 600 yuan hit the Lottery to Zhu.

Liu Gong said that after he paid the money Zhu, on-site scratch tickets. There were other people present, lottery tickets 30 yuan face value, 20, began to appear some small prize, scraping around ten, suddenly found the first prize, a bonus of 1.5 million. Zhu Wang immediately called and said Jackpot. Wang let them get past the lottery, said to publicity.

Liu Gong told reporters that he then went to Wang and Zhu at winning tickets to Wang personally. Subsequently, Wang and Zhu out, waiting in his office. Soon, Wang, a man came back to find it to be lottery Liu Gong, Wang said the lottery to Zhu.

Subsequently, Liu Gong find Zhu, bombarded the lottery, Zhu said the bonus amount is too large, for safety's sake, the lottery has already safekeeping, not the lottery to him. September 28 morning, Liu and Wang Gong went negotiations, during which he answered a phone call from Wang, the accident that Zhu has allowed his family to Hefei, the bonus honor.

Response: The salesman had been fired

That the bonus was led away, Liugong Li & Go Keemun County Criminal Brigade report, and provide relevant evidence.

From Keemun County police reporter then informed the police on suspicion of embezzlement after filing for Zhu, Wang and other related parties and witnesses investigation, initially identified: Liu Zhu Gong to buy lottery tickets by Wang, Liu Gong scratch After winning the lottery ticket to Wang; Wang gave the winning ticket after Zhu Zhu family have bonus cash, deposit accounts.

At the end of the investigation, due to encroachment case of private prosecution,moncler napoli, the police according to the jurisdiction of the relevant provisions of the cases, the case files and the relevant evidence has been handed over Keemun County People's Court. It is reported that most of Zhu family cash bonuses removed from the account, the remaining 32 million yuan, Keemun County People's Court has taken measures to freeze.

Keemun County People's Court in charge of the evening of October 14, told reporters, embezzlement is a criminal private prosecution, in order not to sue does not appeal to the principle of the current criminal court since the plaintiff did not receive the complaint. As the plaintiff filed a criminal complaint to the court since the court will determine whether the filing after the review. October 14, Zhu telephone interview with reporters, after learning the identity of reporters, she said: "I have not sold lottery tickets, do not know," and then hang up the phone. Subsequently, the reporter Zhu phone call several times, were it to hang up.

Wang told reporters in a telephone interview, said the police have said that the relevant circumstances, inconvenience and reporters talk too much, and denied that he is the case of the parties. But Wang said the lottery salesman Zhu has now been dismissed. (Wu Yongquan)

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What is a criminal private prosecution case?

Criminal private prosecution case, the victims or their legal representatives filed a lawsuit to the people's court, minor criminal cases directly accepted by the People's Court. Under the law, criminal private prosecution cases directly accepted by the People's Court told the case was handled, including, including embezzlement case.