Southern News (reporter trainee reporter Liu Yang Hao Chen Liangjun) Yang Wang Zhongshan University graduates in 2004 was sent to hospital poisoning antecedents birthday yesterday, has been in critical condition. He readme in Guangzhou Tianhe District, robbed in front of the stove hill coma by thugs forced to swallow the poison powder. Doctors in vivo detection of excessive levels of copper, copper poisoning confirmed that he has been led to multiple organ failure. Police are investigating the case.

Readme is pressed password swallowed Dufen

It is understood that Yang Mibu studied at the School of Life Sciences, Biochemistry, after graduating in Haizhu District, Chang Gang Road, a precision instrument company work, do salespeople.

One of his colleagues said, September 8 at 10 am, see Yang Mibu back to the company, at that time looked very unhappy. Subsequently, Yang Mibu received a phone call in a hurry to leave the company, "he said to see customers,negozi woolrich, but even the package did not take."

Day 15:08, Tianhe District Changxing police station received a report, the stove top in the foothills of the mountain white frame found him, when he was injured, but can still speak.

Comprehensive Yang Mibu first time to the police and friends of narrative, September 8, he was held hostage by three men with a knife to the stove, criminals pressed his bank card password failed, gave him a bag of blue powder filling and two packets of white powder, adding that say the password you can get the antidote. Young casual tell a fake password, but did not get the antidote, but was stunned with a brick criminals. His classmates confirmed that Yang had wounded his head, who has multiple abrasions.

Yang Mibu said in a coma for four hours, wake want to own down the mountain, but frail and rolled down the slope. After being found to passers-by, he begged passers-by called the police.

In vivo detection of copper exceeded

At 3 pm the same day, Yang Mibu was taken to hospital. Yang said a former school chemistry, swallowing is suspected copper sulfate. The next day (September 9) 17:00, he was sent to Guangdong Armed Police Corps Hospital intensive care unit, then gradually worsen the situation, the development of blood in the urine and stool, kidney and liver failure have emerged.

September 10, the copper content of the blood Yang seriously overweight: whole blood copper results are 77.7um ol / L (reference range is 11.8um ol / L-39.3um ol / L). Confirmed, Yang Mibu indeed based copper poisoning. Yesterday morning, have already left the hospital in critical condition notice.

How he entered the stove, up the mountain after what happened, the police still under investigation. More strange is that Yang Yang's family denied that looting, but his mother again last night admitted the matter.