Hua Daily News (Reporter Xie Tao) October 16, at the southern end of the East Second Ring in Xi'an signal plant family member courtyard bathroom, two men beat up after the rough spots, the results of one man was killed. According to an insider, the two disputes or problems with the temperature of the sauna when relevant.

Yesterday, China Chinese Commercial News reporters Zai Xin and Hao Chang bathroom male family member courtyard to see the Ministry of public security seal affixed.

"At 14:30 on the 16th or so, the two men beat up in the tub after being kicked batterer left." Some people nearby, said the two men evidently were four or five years old. Later, 120, and can be hitters not breathing. "

Yesterday Hua Chinese Commercial News reporters Cong Gong and An Beilin Branch has learned that after the incident police suspect Wang residence and arrested him. "46-year-old suspect Wang, 51-year-old victim, they are rented households in the neighborhood. According to the suspects confessed, dispute bath for two, he missed the other person killed." Police said.

Tub boss said: "At that time, I heard there was a fight, they ran into, one of them will be opened, can be hit man was already lying on the ground unable to move."

Insider said: "It was both of whom were among the bathhouse sauna sauna, one of whom kept to a rock sauna between watering, resulting in a temperature rise was particularly high, and one can not stand, so the two men had an argument, and then a fight. "a people that" all impulse to blame. batterer thought the other was not hurt, go home until the police finally arrested him, did not know he killed the other side to this about two families ruined. "

At present,air max 90 pas cher pour homme, the police have the suspect Wang Beilin control, specifically the police did not release details of the case.

(Original title: rough spots inside the bathhouse, a man was beaten to death)