Sports Network (AFP reporter Xu Yang) At 7:00 pm, it was getting late in the Wuchang Wu Luo Road Erxiang Zizhu residential sidewalks,outlet hogan milano, four starving dogs caused residents' attention. When the puppy a few children together, even found three puppies in the head by a nail gun fired into the row of nails.

8:20 last night, reporters rushed to the scene and saw the entrance to the sidewalk in the district, around full of district residents, of which there are several children. Tummy four palm-sized black dog on the floor of a small piece of cloth.

Many people touched the dog, angrily said: "! This is too cruel," the reporter saw, which has two silver nail nails on a dog's head, the head of the other two puppies each nail one.

Plum middle schools (6) class girls Liaoqian Ping told reporters last night, 7 pm, live in the district's seven-year-old girl Li Qi playing downstairs, I heard the dog barking roadside, Li Qi squat after and saw a piece of cloth on the side of the road crammed four puppies. Li Qi quickly called cell downstairs several children came to see, she ran past, picked up where petting a puppy, the puppy's head was found a hard object, clawed hair look, turned out to be a nail.

"These dogs just born a few days later, the owner would have been cruel heart abandoned dog, why would row nails into the puppy's head, was so perverted!" Residents angrily said.

Leader reporter and Wuhan City, a private pet rescue center on the Du sail ties are Hankou act Du sail after I heard, immediately pledged to contact live near Wuluo Road volunteers, volunteer for failing to find the nearest Du sail ride more than one hour bus arrived at the scene.

Du sail then four pet dog to a nearby hospital for treatment, after inspection, there is a puppy in critical condition, the other three okay.