Metropolis Daily News (newspaper reporter trainee reporter Ye Wenbo Chen Ling ink intern Li Huanfang Photography: reporter Wei Lai) "Little Sa" fly back to Wuhan! Netizens excitedly spread the news.

After the glue Ya'an, Sichuan, Wuhan rider riding Kyrgyzstan, from the way go hand in hand - this is a stray puppy wilderness, with its surprising move rapidly popular in the network. After the newspaper and other media reports, CCTV, Phoenix TV in Hong Kong, the BBC have to follow up on this "inspirational dog" strong focusing.

This time, little Sa is flying to Wuhan, back to its owner meet by chance "riding Kat" home - Wuhan. Yesterday afternoon, the reporter saw only been making waves at home and abroad China "inspirational dog."

Tibet pet doctor was small Sa moved, sponsor tickets

Yesterday 14:00 Tianhe Airport. After waiting more than two hours in the rain, "riding music" club players finally saw a small Sa. Small Sa stay white hada metal cage hanging quietly looking at this group of brothers and sisters, it seems to recognize their dress uniforms, and the owner ride guitar exactly the same.

Small Sa last night to fly from Chengdu to Lhasa, take CZ3448 arrived in Wuhan yesterday. Its owner to ride Kat chose to take two days and nights in the train, on the 1st of next month will be to Han.

Small Sa's "ticket", sponsored by a pet doctor. Experienced 20 days of running, the evening of 24 small Sa arrived in Lhasa, after riding a guitar with a small Sa to a "lucky pet hospital" Check. Attending a small Sa Chen Dewen heard the story, deeply moved. His physical examination free of charge for small Sa, for the quarantine certificate and other documents, and to pay the costs of the aircraft checked the small Sa, even personally hands. Lhasa no direct flights to Wuhan, they turn from Chengdu.

"At 18:00 on the 28th we arrived in Chengdu, Chengdu stayed the night in the night." Chen Dewen, told reporters yesterday 8:00 originally planned to Wuhan, but this time a small plane warehouse without oxygen for large cargo aircraft oxygen positions have been filled, and finally only turn 11:30 flight.

Chen Dewen small Sa injected antibodies, in the short term to prevent infection, and spent more than 200 yuan to build a small consignment Sa special cage, and the cage tied a dog.

10 pick-riding friends in the rain, colorful bells hanging small Sa

15:15, riding faithful in small Sa surrounded, arrived at South Lake's new home. Small Sa meal, took a hot bath, then curled up on the couch, nap under a hair dryer and a petting riding friends.

"The little guy is estimated to be tired." Riding music club captain Zhongxiong Hua said. Bell team has not ridden a Sichuan-Tibet line, he is looking forward to the time when the same experience can be like a small Sa Sichuan-Tibet Highway. But not because of the sleepy little Sa disturbed and agitated, has been quietly alone. Reporter called out "Little Sa", it will align the reporter turned to the camera. Bell said the team, just off the plane, it first is unhappy tummy, but heard "Little Sa" word arose.

Riding Friends "channel shift" raise more than ten years, the dog, he said, stray dogs are the most docile, "begging them hope home, so low-key."

"Little Sa story, very reminiscent of Japan's Hachikō also stray dogs at the station waiting for the passing of the owner, until the last moment of life." Riding friends "fairy" says Small Sa loyalty and dedication, perhaps The main reason is to impress many users.

Small SA has reached "middle age," says Kat ride will "keep it forever."

Reporter hugged small Sa, some heavy. "Looks good physical condition." Dr. Wang broke a small riding friends Sa's mouth to see that from the tooth situation, small Sa should be 5 years old, equivalent to about 40 human years old, has reached middle age.

"I will graduate next month, when the time to go to work, I will rent a house, the little Sa close at hand." Last night,giubbini moncler prezzi, the people of Kyrgyzstan in Lhasa riding on the phone told reporters. In the past more than 20 days, the small Sa much attention to it when riding Kyrgyzstan also bear the pressure - the Internet was questioning his "speculation" and questioned "running beyond the small Sa load," there are a lot of people want to shelter small Sa.

"I just meet by chance and small Sa, it finds me this master, and I will never abandon it." Riding Ji said, not in the name of a small Sa, we ask to any property, he declined to provide tickets for his friends, he bought a train ticket.

Wuhan friends have said the blessing, many people want to visit with the dog food and toys, small Sa. Riding Ji said, and other small Sa rest Well, it must make a friend came to visit to see it.

At 8 pm, riding Kyrgyzstan updated his Twitter: "Last night they dreamed of running on the road and the small Sa ......"