(Reporter Zhang Eastern) on August 3 at 11 am, when the brother mini space-time in front of the hotel waiting for customers, was seriously wounded. Medical examination found that his right thigh fractures, intracranial hemorrhage. Currently, the family would like through the newspaper to find witnesses.

After waking up, can not remember when the case was beaten

girlfriend said her boyfriend is a land taxi companies on behalf of the class driver, August 3 at 11 am waiting for customers in the Yangtze River Road was hit.

Reporters yesterday in the city of TCM traumatology hospital ward saw Li Xiangqiu, he is receiving medical treatment. The doctor said that the patient was labeled right thigh fractures, bone broken into three pieces.

Circumstances and reasons for playing time, not remember who said it had formed hurt how, just remember slept, woke up and found lying on a hospital bed.

"When my boyfriend accident, is a passenger car, call 110, 110 patrol the boyfriend rushed to the hospital." Li Xiangqiu girlfriend said.

Reporters then contacted then take a taxi passengers Liu Li Xiangqiu (a pseudonym). Liu said the 11:13 that night, he got into a taxi Master Li. Just have to drive a taxi was a white Land Rover car rear-end. Master Lee opened the door to see the vehicle knocked case, behold, the door just opened, it was the Land Rover cars on the down thirty-four man caught beaten up.

"Land Rover car man beaten Master Li about five minutes, the opportunity to Master Li did not fight back,catalogo woolrich, who was playing hurt everywhere. I was dialed 110." He said.

Land Rover vehicles to other grades and other issues, Liu did not say, he said he would cooperate with public security departments for investigation.

Witnesses can help families hope

City TCM traumatology hospital doctors said Li Hongbo, Li Xiangqiu injury is very serious, requiring surgery to cure the right thigh fractures, surgery takes about 30,000 yuan. After about three months to come down to earth, "I guess, Li Xiangqiu legs are feet and broke the man."

girlfriend said her boyfriend home conditions are not good, her income is not high, the current boyfriend needs treatment costs at least 30,000 -5 million, They simply can not afford, "boyfriend in a taxi company to do on behalf of classes The driver, the company paid 30,000 yuan deposit is borrowed, and her boyfriend this year's business is bad, there is no saving if well-intentioned members of the public at 23:13 on August 3 to 17 points, saw Her boyfriend was playing a scene, please provide a white Land Rover car's license plate number and characteristics of the batterer. "insider please call Li Xiangqiu girlfriend's phone.