BEIJING, Hangzhou, July 13 (Reporter Li Feiyun) July 13 afternoon, Zhejiang University School of Medicine, Children's Hospital intensive care room of several rows of seating chair are all family members of patients, Hangzhou falls girls niu parents sitting side was waiting, niu father said, niu reoperation due to abdominal infection has not yet regained consciousness.

Reporters found being waited at the intensive care room of niu father and mother in the family area. Niu father said, after waking niu seen her a few times, sane, "We recognize, and also called off mom and dad, but today did not go to see her, because niu abdominal infection, surgery under general anesthesia again yesterday afternoon, from Remove intraperitoneal about one hundred milliliters of concentrated liquid, until now has not regained consciousness, the doctor said, she now has no ventilator, can breathe independently, but also need to observe thirty-four days. "niu Daddy look there is a little worried.

After the reporter also saw niu mother carrying a large fruit basket a few friends came to visit, niu mother look than some time ago, a lot easier, smiled to friends niu situation.

The hospital side, said today temporarily released niu news.

July 2 pm in a residential area of ​​Hangzhou Binjiang District, an old girl niu suddenly fall from the 10th floor, just downstairs from the public through Hangzhou RULE kicked heels rush to catch a child with both hands. RULE Therefore arm fractures, by netizens as "the most beautiful mother", Hangzhou Samaritan Foundation awarded her "courageous activists" title. The niu affect the safety of the users of the heart, Zhejiang University School of Medicine, Children's Hospital intensive care room,hogan interactive, media reporters to come every day to inquire about the niu news.