Provincial Post Office: The recent introduction of new regulations, no acceptance of the goods delivery outlets to be "top grid" punishment

Newspaper correspondent Richard newspaper reporter in Wenzhou Miao Lina Wang Yimin

April 7 this year, a man who lives in Wenzhou Cangnan Wang commissioned by the courier company to send a courier. Courier no inspection will accept the package, get the service outlets, managers doubt open the parcel inspection. The results parcel exploded, manager injuries. Originally, Wang wife and junior high school students suspected of having an illicit relationship with a homemade bomb would like to express to a "third party." (April 26 newspaper has reported A8 version)

Yesterday, Wang found guilty of the crime explosion was Cangnan Court of First Instance sentenced to 3 years and 6 months.

Although the case has been handed down, but more or less exposed express industry experience is not stringent enough, as the system defects.

In fact, as early as the end of last year, the State Post Bureau will already notice, required to achieve the express acceptance "full coverage, zero tolerance and strict law enforcement, pragmatic."

Up to now, this system is implemented here? Is not all of the courier service points can be 100% face to face work? In actual operation, what problems or difficulties faced?

Yesterday, the Evening News reporter conducted a field visit.

Suspected his wife was "derailed" husband Express bomb to a "third party"


Parcel acceptance without face, the courier company manager was wounded

Wang, 40-year-old, he and his wife have been married 10 years, Zhang. Because long-term operating gold mines out of business, he and his family always together from many.

Wang suspicious of, for children home alone wife always fit heart, still trying to master the way of mobile phone positioning wife's movements, which makes his wife Zhang very unhappy.

On one occasion, Zhang and several junior high school students drink at a Seafood Restaurant, when Wang called to hear the voice of his wife Jeong students. Because before Wang and Zheng have been in contact, he suspected his wife Wang improper relationship with Jeong. New Year's Day this year, the two had a fight for that matter.

April 7, Wang and his wife again because of arguments about chores, his wife filed for divorce angrily.

Wang angry, that is the "third party" was behind the attacks Jeong, Jeong decided to retaliate. In the afternoon, when he used to do his own gold mine learned knowledge, the use of pre-prepared detonators, explosives, phone boxes, batteries and other items made of an explosive device.

Subsequently, Wang bought in advance to wear wigs and white gloves, drove a sport utility vehicle in Cangnan Lingxi East Wharf Road and Riverside Road intersection, stopped the courier Lee, paid 10 dollars, Let the parcel sent Lee Jeong residence.

6:00 that night more, Wang gradually calm down, they use other people's identity cards to buy a phone card to Jeong sent a text message: "You have received the parcel bomb, do not open."

However, he sent the parcel has not been delivered in the afternoon, but was sent back to the courier company, Lee.

Wang wore white gloves when parcel, very close to receiving the parcel delivery address where information delivery person did not fill a bar ...... This has led to Lee's alert, put the parcel back to the company checks.

9:00 that night and more, the courier company manager Hwang unpacking process, the explosive device exploded, but fortunately not very powerful explosion, causing minor injuries to his hands Hwang.

Yesterday, Cangnan County Court hearing of this case, the court held that the defendant Wang ignore state laws, the use of explosives endanger public safety, no serious consequences, his behavior constituted the crime explosion, the first trial sentenced to 3 years and 6 months.

Although cases have been sentenced, but more or less exposed express industry experience, as the system is not rigorous defects.

In fact, Zhejiang Province, is the country's first implementation of the parcel acceptance testing, depending on the system.

At present, this was how the system is implemented? Is not all of the courier service points can be 100% face to face work? In actual operation, what problems or difficulties faced?

Yesterday, the Evening News reporter conducted a field visit.



Must face the acceptance of goods, or refuse Write

Yesterday afternoon, the Evening News reporter visited several local courier company in Wenzhou, send a request tightly wrapped tray.

Before sending, explicitly told reporters courier, cartons filled with some daily necessities, because repackaging much trouble, so do not want to open the face and acceptance.

Express how will react?

Reporter first visited the tact, the staff first asked what was inside the tray items, then expressed the need to open the face and acceptance, "If this is the daily necessities, open repackage not troublesome. If you do not open, we can not accept pieces. "

Next, the reporter also visited SF, China Post Express Mail Service (EMS), in the pass, every day courier company, the other person can not hear is basically an acceptance of goods, it is clear that the recipient can not orders.

Subsequently, the reporter contacted before a courier had business contacts, asking him to pick up. Reporters expressed reluctance to open the package, preferring to pay a courier, can the other party still refused.

"You can open your own, and then we can help you to ensure that the package back to the original look." Faced with already played several dealings with reporters, couriers still refused without inspection requirements.



Acceptance of goods is not easy to face

Well, is not all courier companies face can do 100% inspection of goods it?

Reporter consulted several courier companies and service outlets, replies staff are, this is clearly defined. "If we do not acceptance, once something happens or is found, he will be punished." Wenzhou City, Metro staff tact express service network said.

However, there are some low-level couriers has a different view.

A courier told reporters folks, to be 100% acceptance of goods in person is not easy. "For example, some of Taobao sellers, their day to send dozens of pieces of cargo,abercrombie soldes, sometimes we pick up, they've packed the parcel, you can not be a piece of re-packaging it all open acceptance?"

"For such a courier, we will sign an agreement with him in advance, specifying the obligations and responsibilities that once contraband found inside, all the responsibility must bear their own." He said, "Sometimes we will take the initiative and Customer courier packaged together, the purpose is to be able to spot the acceptance of goods. "

In a courier company for more than six months of the courier Kotani told reporters encountered reluctance to accept inspection of the customer is often the case. "Some customers are familiar with, it can be passed in the past, but now the tube strict encounter unfamiliar customers, we would rather not do the deal."

In addition, a small supermarket chain Wenzhou Metro 24-hour courier who may be able to send. "Before, courier pick-up time, will not open the package and acceptance." Supermarket attendant said, "but here we only accept delivery of nearby residents, who sent the courier basically we all know."

However, these mail services on behalf of two or three months ago has stopped. "On behalf of the service will actually send the existence of hidden, is not conducive to face inspection." The staff of a courier service outlets to explain.

Market regulation:


Acceptance of delivery outlets not face to face, "the top grid" punishment

Reporters learned that, in fact, the province's express acceptance system has been at the forefront of the country.

As early as 2011 words, in the province of courier pickup service outlets will ask the courier on the spot inspection of the goods, then a chapter on the express orders inspection cover, is what we often see in the list of "have acceptance" of .

Zhejiang Province Postal Service Market Management Services official told reporters, implementation and monitoring system of express acceptance by the State Postal Bureau is responsible for unification.

"Currently, this system is still in continuous exploration and research." The official said that in June of this year, the Provincial Postal Authority issued a "further strengthen the province's Postman safety supervision," which 100% clear requirements express acceptance of goods in person.

In addition, the fastest within a week, the Provincial Postal Service will refine this notice, do not express acceptance outlets "top grid" punishment.

"For example, we will ask the local supervision departments on time, if it is found there is no acceptance of the courier service outlets, ordered to stop the first, second, should have their licenses revoked." The official said.

However, the Provincial Postal Service is still hoping to appeal to the community Evening: Express acceptance system successful implementation requires the courier company, with more customer needs.

"When, for example, some parcels, because with a special packaging, courier unpacking acceptance, may cause damage to the inside of the cargo, which requires the customer himself opened the package." The official said, "We can say, really want to promote the implementation of this system, but also require each of us to establish the habit of consciously express parcel acceptance. "