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Nanjing guy three minutes Qinzei

Yesterday, Nanjing Xuanwu Lake Tunnel scrambling to get help passers chase thief Nanjing "living Lei Feng" Lijia Bin has won the prize. Following the award of the police station on the 18th is eligible 2000 yuan bonus, Mike unit where he and his girlfriend also were rewarded: in addition to a total of 3,000 yuan in cash awards, the company has specially set up a "courageous paid leave", once put Li 5 days off. Yesterday, many of my colleagues in the applause, Mike also got a girlfriend kiss, which makes him excited, shouted: "This is the best reward!"

The reporter Jia Xiaoning

The company set up a special "courageous paid leave."

Yesterday afternoon, Lijia Bin unit commendation he opened the field, leading Mike units to employees who say Mike's story, saying the company in order to praise the bravery foster healthy social trends,woolrich parka, the leading research firm decided to give Li cash reward of 2,000 yuan, the company set up special "courageous paid leave," Li as the first to enjoy this benefit employees, was first put five days off. In addition, the Army Headquarters also in the presence of all employees to participate in the recognition of faces will reiterate, Yin Yan air travel company encourages employees courageous, courageous costs if the process, employees hurt, all produced by the company.

Mike Qinzei support his girlfriend also obtained 1000 yuan reward

In addition to recognition of Mike, Mike's unit also reward his girlfriend Wang 1000 yuan prize, in recognition of her scene righteous, given courage courageous thing. Yesterday, saw his winning the prize, the company also awarded to his girlfriend in 1000 dollars, Lijia Bin very sorry. After winning, and his girlfriend kept thanks to the leadership, and thanked the company's encouragement, said he encountered similar things in the future, we will not hesitate helps. And while my co-workers to applaud him, while the two of them up around, everyone happily together Zhang Ying, who do not know when the photo shouted, "kiss him! Kiss him!" Mike's girlfriend, though a bit shy But still Qinliaoyikou on her boyfriend's cheek. This allows Li excited, shouted: "! This is the best reward."

The company's award in 2000 after obtaining dollars and five days paid leave, Lijia Bin or it is very calm. When a reporter asked him these five days leave arrangements, Lijia Bin said, has no plans to go out and play. According to the reporter, Lijia Bin and his girlfriend are planning a wedding, too many things to do, so there is time to get married they have to run things, did not have time to consider where to go.

Let Li much courageous colleagues worship

Lijia Bin courageous deeds, the unit now spread. His business executives Miss Qian told reporters that day Lijia Bin leave call back, said he caught a thief courageous, she and other female colleagues do not believe, that usually simple and honest not have this ability. "We would not believe, but these days you watched at home Yangzi Evening News reported, Lijia Bin really did not know such a great thing to do, we now have a little worship him." Miss Qian told reporters.

Later, there are colleagues, since the small Li Zhen two down, the company's staff has so much beauty, just let Mike do a boxing classes. Teach boxing fighting male colleagues, female colleagues teach self-defense, and then go out after experiencing something heroic rescue male colleagues, female colleagues can protect themselves. There are female colleague said, we just want to go out later, please Mike bodyguard Well, we all laughed saying. However, Army Headquarters Company, told reporters that Li Jiabin Qinzei courageous, he was not surprised. Because Lijia Bin usually more honest in the company, but it is a very enthusiastic young people, not only for serious and responsible work colleagues if someone needs help, he would take the initiative to help. "He did this child just fine, although very young (only 22 years old this year), but compared with their peers, he is indeed a very mature, is a good guy." Lu told reporters with a smile always.