Original title: Chen cursor started selling canned fresh air

"Fresh air can sell?" A lot of people listened to feel incredible, even unbelievable. But yesterday afternoon, the Chinese capital city cursor Chen officially announced that it will open the sale of fresh air today. Meanwhile Chen cursor admitted that he sold the fresh air is not to make money, just want to wake up more people to cherish the environment, reduce pollution, low-carbon life.

Jar of fresh air 4-5 yuan

Yesterday afternoon, Chen cursor at the Shangri-La Hotel announced on September 17 officially opened for sale of fresh air. Scene, Chen cursor also personally demonstrated the use of fresh air, "Just open the cans, will stick to the bottle nose, breathe on it." This reporter saw cans of fresh air to be packed in a normal size, the points yellow, green, two colors, cans printed with Chen cursor positive body head, tank who also printed "save food, low-carbon life, everybody's business", "early to bed one hour, saving electricity" and other environmental slogans.

Origin of fresh air came from Jinggangshan, Yan'an 10 red revolution region, Yushu, Shangri-La and other 10 ethnic minority areas, and even from Taiwan and Taiwan. And this canned fresh air priced 4-5 yuan. "By the local people in the air after the acquisition, the acquisition to get the production line, after extrusion, closed, assembly, and then sold. You can use a bottle a month after opening the air will not run out of their own. The first batch of 10 million cans By selling mobile car sold. it contains negative oxygen ions, I tried, after absorbing sober, and I feel comfortable. ", said Chen cursor.

People who want to destroy the environment to buy

Chen cursor admitted that he is not making money selling fresh air, only to advocate for everyone to protect the environment. "If we do not start caring for the environment, another two or three decades, I am afraid that we have children and grandchildren offspring wearing gas masks, carrying oxygen bag, walk a few steps to breathe oxygen. To be honest, I do not want to sell the fresh air, Only two kinds of people want to buy, one is to support environmental protection,air max pas cher, while another person is to destroy the environment. "

"Said a hundred times, it is better to do it again." Faced with someone questioned his show, Chen cursor response, he was involved in the environmental protection industry, fresh air is his innovative concept of environmental protection. "I said a high-profile, that I put on a show, but I think people like the well-organized and low-key, for progress and social development is not much impetus, but I do own dare dare, dare to drying out in the sun."

Willing to donate money to defend the Diaoyu Islands

Chen cursor admitted that he will collect the fresh air place at the red revolutionary base areas and ethnic minority areas, only for publicity purposes in these areas, I hope the local poverty. He also revealed that his two sons Chen Chen environment, environmental protection and also participated in the creative development of fresh air.

Yesterday, Chen cursor, said he has been concerned about the recent progress of the Diaoyu Islands incident. Also revealed that wish to sell their organic food manufacturing first funds donated to the people's army, to defend the country's sovereignty over the Diaoyu Islands.

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Reporter PENG Fei text and photo