YORK, Oct. 7 hearing recently, the Battle of the Public Security Bureau, arrested for prostitution. The arrest scene, let the police surprised. The bed was a old man, already 85 years old. Will help him out of bed, it took several minutes.

An old man lying in bed

In early September this year, the Battle Branch duty police received a report. Tyurin said the building behind the inside, there is prostitution. After receiving the report, the police according to the clues provided by the informer, touched the floor area. On the first floor of a residential building, the police saw the problem. Big day, the curtains of the room, are pulled. Because the unit did not shut the door, the police very smoothly into the corridor. Then, disguised as property officer, knocking on the door. Open the door, is a woman. It appears that there are more than 40 years of age. See the police, the woman is very nervous. Trying to shut the door, but it was too late, the police have pushed the door came. Jiaosha police asked her name, so she put out the ID card.

Said, while to enter the house. Entering the house, police found an old man lying in bed, disheveled. At the time, police also a bit puzzled children. Is it a clue, so what's the problem? Asked the woman, elderly people what she. The woman said, her uncle. But looking at the woman's reaction, very nervous. Old man saw the police entered the house, and quickly dressed. Sat several times, did not sit up. Later, the police escorted him, only to sit still and the body.

After up, peering at the police. Police asked the woman, whom the Father name yet. Women's hesitation he could not answer. Asked the old man, the relationship between two people is valid. Touches to a really old man, both of them have nothing to say. Things here, the police understand. Two men, certainly illegal transactions. Subsequently, the police put two people back to the police station. To the police station, the woman honest. Account of the fact that two people of prostitution.

Miss was spiked into the room

The old man's house, lived in nearby Tyurin. This year, already 85 years old. Stay home and nothing thing, walk out, Shunpian Mai medicine. Tyurin when walked around, bumped a woman. Woman asked him not to find Miss? Old man heard that, was standing there. Asked the woman, how much money?

The woman said, cheap, 100 dollars on the line. Hear her say, old man move the mind. From top to bottom, looked at the women's lot. North Korea has four outer ring, sprinkle a little eye. Asked the woman, can be cheaper. Women to the sentence, 80 dollars, you can not talk about this.

Nobody found the old man staring at them, just like the woman was gone. Woman led him, turn left, turn right into the residential building. Because age is too old, walking very slowly. Along the way, the woman tired unbearable. But look at the money's sake, or the elderly, mix in the past. According to the old man himself, entered the room, the two nibbling chatter for a long time. He knew he was great age, I do not know "in that respect," okay. Woman kept urging him, so much afterwards, at home there thing.

Unexpectedly, grinding mill grumble grumble to go to the police and so came. The old man said he was such a great age, that sort of thing is not been touched on. Unexpectedly, this day is a coincidence, some people take the initiative to ask him. After much deliberation, he still did not withstand the temptation. Touched his pocket, there are more than one hundred dollars. After thing, but also left money to buy medicine point. Hear a knock on the door, he was stupefied. So he hurriedly dressed woman, but he busy for a long time, wearing clothes neatly. Saw the police, his first reaction is that this old head where to put it!

I asked him what the identity of the police, he Mongolia. Head, a blank. To the police station, before the pressure of cross children to God.

The elderly should be self-love

It is understood that prostitutes this year has more than 40 years old. Weekdays, in this dry point Saertu odd jobs. That day idle all right, intend to earn extra money. "Office" is a small inn. The thought that by this, do not charge what effort, will be able to income-generating livelihoods hand. Unexpectedly, joined the line, it was completely "fired" the. Police woman, made a penalty fines and detention. For the elderly, taking into account age too, considering the humane law enforcement point of view, the decision not to execute the detention.

Daqing Police previously treated elderly man whoring thing,moncler piumini, but also because of this thing, causing serious consequences. For example, because the elderly have been too excited, directly in bed onset, was sent to the emergency room. Also because of the price, was "Miss" fight. Police through this, remind the elderly. Normal life, to keep his nose clean. Otherwise, the cost of mental and physical costs, will allow them to bear. Source: JERUSALEM

(Original title: octogenarian old man to help prostitutes get out of bed by the police anti-vice spent several minutes)