July 9, the thunder and lightning, stormy night, forever fixed in Qianjiang District Lanxi goose pond town village villagers memory. Since that day, for the notification and 79 villagers organized transfer their village instruments, this year's "July" just positive Communists Pang fell swoop, was mercilessly swallowed peak.

The evening of July 7, the storm began to fall Qianjiang District. Pang village is responsible for the geological monitoring in one fell swoop, a sleepless night. 8, 9 and meteorological warnings this year will mark the 10th largest heavy rainfall. 16:00 the same day, Lanxi River has been rough, "Storm coming,peuterey sito ufficiale, we do pay attention to safety!" Pang alert the villagers in one fell swoop.

Day of not eating dinner, party secretary Pang fell swoop they received an emergency phone call, asking him to immediately Pang Jiahuai with old instruments, mobilize and organize a group of Lanxi village 17 villagers metastasis.

Leave their jobs, only to his wife left a "heavy rain tonight, I'm going to check the drains and divert the masses, they have to pay attention to you and wanderers safe" after he grabbed a flashlight put raincoats on out of the house, Unexpectedly, this is the last word he left his family.

Rain, only a flashlight to illuminate the three Mi Neifan Wai. 17 villagers living in the mountains around, muddy mountain road slippery unbearable. Along the way, in one fell swoop and Pang Pang Jiahuai over sixties several somersault after another fell, Pang cliff fall almost in one fell swoop. They have entered every house, hedge remind everyone to evacuate, "This is a major event in human life, not sloppy." They encourage each other along the way.

At 3:00 on the 9th, in one fell swoop and Pang been hiking for a full eight hours in the rainy night. 17 villagers, left "Pang Zhai" several villagers have not personally notified to. Although previously notified by telephone two of them and let them tell other people, but in one fell swoop and Pang Pang Jiahuai still worried, decided to inform the villagers.

Torrents arrival, had less than 1 meter small ditches, 2.5 meters wide and has become, blocking the road ahead. "Must cross the river!" 3:30, Pang fell swoop borrowed a ladder from the homes of villagers, ride in a trench at both ends, "Lao Pang, you first cross the river, I can help you escalator." Out of the old instrument care Pang Pang Jiahuai had one fell swoop to make.

After Pang Jiahuai successfully climb the ladder, had less sturdy wooden ladder is more loose, but a thunderstorm, we did not notice. Just when Pang fell swoop to climb the ladder in the middle, unfortunately happened: the ladder snapped, Pang drop in one fell swoop along the flood, and instantly be swallowed floods, disappeared ......

Lanxi Village, a group of 17 79 villagers all moved to a safe place, but Pang fell swoop, yet his emaciated body, will always remain in the upbringing he grew Lanxi River. Reporter Wang Deli